Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Make SEO Friendly Content

What are the Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Make SEO Friendly Content? (Freemium & Freeware Tools)

by Christian Bagnimbo on 14/03/2022

Updated at 2/02/2023

Content writing is not about writing whatever you want because content creators have to think of unique ways to produce human-readable and unique content. Such a piece of content is known as SEO friendly content.

SEO friendly content is an essential key to ranking your content on the first page of the search engine. But writing unique content daily is a grind. That’s where paraphrasing and writing assistant tools prove beneficial.

Although most writers don’t want to rely on paraphrasing tools, technology has also improved paraphrasing techniques.

Nowadays, online paraphrasing tool use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to paraphrase the content by prioritizing human readability. Hence, let’s discuss the top 5 paraphrasing tools to make SEO friendly content.

The Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Make SEO Friendly Content:

  • QuillBot:

The number one dedicated paraphrasing tool on this list is “QuillBot. It is the best paid paraphrasing tool because the company (QuillBot LLC.) has created it to outclass plagiarism detectors, like Turnitin. 

Hence, if you are looking for the best paraphrasing tool for academic writing, this one is ideal. 

QuillBot is a freemium paraphrasing tool because it offers advanced features for the price of $9.95 (USD) (per month). 

The company also provides annual and semi-annual pricing plans. So, you can check the complete details of their pricing plans on the official website.

The free version of QuillBot allows the users to paraphrase 125 words at once. So, it is not the ideal word limit for an SEO friendly paraphrasing tool because it will take a lot of time to paraphrase long texts. 

Plus, the free version provides access to the ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ paraphrasing modes. So, if you want the best results from QuillBot, you will have to use its premium plan.

When I tested the free plan of this tool, the ‘Fluency’ mode provided decent results as the paraphrased content was pretty readable. 

Moreover, this tool also allows the users to set the accuracy of paraphrasing by setting 3-7 synonym options. 

Hence, the more synonym options you select, the more unique and less accurate content the tool will produce.

Other than the paraphrasing tool, QuillBot provides several additional features:

  • Plagiarism Checker – checks the uniqueness of the content and provides a plagiarism report.
  • Citation Generator – cites the references for the plagiarized sources.
  • Co-Writer – is a writing assistant tool, like Jasper. But it is not as accurate as Jasper because it is still in the beta version.
  • Grammar Checker – checks the content for grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Summarizer – creates a summary of a piece of content. It is ideal for creating the conclusion of a long piece of writing.

Thus, if you purchase the premium plan, you will get various valuable features from QuillBot.



QuillBot can easily integrate with “Microsoft Word” or “Google Docs”

The word limit in the free plan is not suitable for paraphrasing

Users can also use the Chrome extension of QuillBot to use its services on the fly (in Chrome-based browsers)

The pricing plan might be expensive for users who want a stand-alone paraphrasing tool

It is a freemium utility because it comes packed with some additional features at an additional cost

The premium version of QuillBot provides access to 6000 words summarizer, seven writing modes, seven synonym options and unlimited words paraphrasing 

Users can compare documents to determine the difference between original and paraphrased content in the premium plan.

The company also offers a 3-day full money refund policy for the premium users

Users can pause their subscription plan as well if they are not working

QuillBot uses seven paraphrasing modes to create SEO friendly and unique content for its users

Users can either copy-paste the text or upload the document file for paraphrasing

The second paraphrasing tool on this list is another freemium tool. Its name is Paraphrasing Tool from PrePostSEO.

This tool is another ideal choice to generate SEO-friendly content because it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques to paraphrase the content smartly.

Like QuillBot, this one also uses different paraphrasing modes to paraphrase the content without ruining the keyword structure of the content. 

So, considering the importance of keywords in SEO, I have put this paraphrasing tool in the second spot. 

Speaking of different paraphrasing modes, the PrePostSEO’s Paraphrasing Tool uses four paraphrasing methods:

  • Advanced – as the name suggests, this mode uses advanced paraphrasing techniques. Hence, users can substitute the synonyms of the replaced words according to their preference.
  • Creative – the creative mode uses creativity to paraphrase the entered text. But compared to the other paraphrasing modes of this tool, this one ruins the readability of the text.
  • Fluency – as the name suggests, this mode prioritizes the fluency of the content while paraphrasing.
  • Simple – this mode paraphrases the content by using the simple synonym-replacement technique.

After paraphrasing the content using this tool, users can check the readability of the content and the keyword density in the content. 

So, these things will prove pretty valuable according to the SEO perspective. Plus, there is no need to worry about the content’s security because the privacy policy of PrePostSEO mentions it doesn’t share the uploaded content with any third-party tool.

Like QuillBot, this freemium tool is also a utility. Therefore, it comes with some additional features:

  • Plagiarism Checker – checks the legitimacy of the uploaded content.
  • DA PA Checker – allows the users to check the legitimacy of a website by displaying the estimated website stats to rank on search engines.



It is free for paraphrasing content of 5000 characters

Although the paraphrasing tool is free, if you want to use the other tools, you will have to buy the premium plan to get remarkable results

This tool is the best paraphrasing tool online free for producing SEO friendly content because it provides the support of checking content’s readability and keywords density

Users can either copy-paste the (raw) text or upload the document file to paraphrase the content

This tool supports uploading files directly from the OneDrive and Google Drive

Like QuillBot, the Paraphrasing Tool of PrePostSEO also comes as a utility because it offers some additional features

It supports 17 languages. So, users will hardly face any language barrier issues

If you want to use its additional features, you can use its Chrome extension

There is a smartphone version of this tool is also available

The third tool on the top 5 paraphrasing tools to make SEO friendly content list is another web-based paraphraser. Its name is “” 

This paraphrasing tool is entirely free, as there is no support for buying its premium plan. uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to paraphrase the uploaded content. 

Therefore, its paraphrased content is easily readable. Unlike most paraphrasing tools, it uses context-based paraphrasing techniques to rephrase the content rather than synonym-based paraphrasing. 

Hence, it goes one step beyond most paraphrasing tools. However, in my testing, its paraphrased content couldn’t beat the rephrased content of PrePostSEO’s paraphrasing tool. Therefore, I have put this tool in the third spot.

Like the first two tools, the also offers three paraphrasing modes:

  • Creative – as the name suggests, this mode uses fancy vocabulary to replace the dull words of the text and create an SEO friendly piece of writing.
  • Fluency – this paraphrasing manner creates a fluent piece of content after paraphrasing.
  • Standard – it is the simplest paraphrasing mode of this tool because its entire focus is to maintain the readability of the content while paraphrasing.

This tool is pretty similar to PrePostSEO’s paraphrasing tool. Therefore, you will also find some extra features along with the paraphrasing module.

  • Article Rewriter – rewrites the entire (uploaded) content by using an entirely different writing style to remove plagiarism from the content.
  • Plagiarism Checker – checks the plagiarism of the uploaded content.
  • Citation Generator – cites the references of the plagiarized sources.
  • Grammar Checker – checks the grammar and punctuation of the uploaded content.
  • Text Summarizer – uses AI to create an overview of a given piece of content.

Thus, it is like a cheap version of QuillBot because its additional features are not as accurate as QuillBot.



All the tools of are completely free

According to my testing, the Creative and Fluency paraphrasing modes ruin the readability of the text

Its (official) website also has a Blog section that guides the users regarding this tool

Its paraphrasing is not as good as PrePostSEO’s paraphrasing (from the SEO friendly perspective)

This paraphrasing tool comes with a set of free tools that will prove useful in their respective fields

Users can either copy-paste the (raw) text or upload the document file from local storage to paraphrase the content provides support for 13 languages. So, users can paraphrase the content of other languages as well

It is ideal for beginners because of its simple and intuitive UI

This tool is also available as a smartphone application

  • Paraphrasing Tool (App) from Softo Ltd:

The fourth paraphrasing tool on this list is an android application. Its name is Paraphrasing Tool from Softo Ltd. This application is also pretty helpful in keeping the content SEO friendly after paraphrasing. But unlike the first three tools, this application doesn’t have different paraphrasing modes. That is why I have put this application on the fourth spot.

This free paraphrasing application allows the users to paraphrase 5000 characters at once. Hence, if your content is between 700-1250 words, this application won’t be a deal-breaker for you. However, if you want to paraphrase a long piece of content, you will have to upload the content in different chunks.

Speaking of uploading the content, users can either directly paste the (raw) text or upload the document file from the smartphone’s local storage. Moreover, this tool also supports paraphrasing the PDF file. So, there will be no need to convert the PDF into a document file before paraphrasing.



This app supports paraphrasing the content directly from a PDF file

There are no different paraphrasing modes in this application

Users can paraphrase the content in 8 languages through this application

Desktop users will need additional ways of transferring the content between smartphones and desktop computers for paraphrasing

It is entirely free as it doesn’t require any registration

Like the other tools, users can either paste the (raw) or upload the document file from local storage for paraphrasing the content

It is proven to produce SEO friendly paraphrased content

The last paraphrasing tool of this professional paraphrasing tool for producing SEO-friendly content lists is another web-based tool. 

Its name is “FREE ONLINE PARAPHRASING TOOL from Check-Plagiarism.” As the name suggests, it is another (entirely) free tool.

But compared to the paraphrasing techniques of others (from the SEO perspective), this one has the weakest strategy on this list. That is why I have put this on the last spot.

This tool paraphrases the content in different steps. So, once the user has uploaded the document file or text, it will start processing that piece of content (upon clicking on the ‘Paraphrase’ button). 

Once the processing phase ends, the tool (then) starts the paraphrasing process to produce a unique article. Speaking of paraphrasing, this tool has two modes:

  • Simple – the simple technique uses a synonyms-based paraphrasing technique to create unique content. 
  • AI – the AI-based paraphrasing process focuses on the context of the content and changes the sentence structure to produce the paraphrased content. However, this mode limits the users to paraphrasing 500 words at once.

Like the other tools, users can paraphrase the content in this tool by uploading the document from local storage or pasting the text. 

Speaking of uploading the file, this tool supports the following file formats:

  • .doc.
  • .docx.
  • .pdf.
  • .txt.

Similarly, this tool also provides the following additional features:

  • Blog – this section guides the users about the features of the entire platform.
  • Editpad – is like a word processor because it allows the users to type words, check plagiarism and save the typed words as PDF or document files.
  • GrammarCheck – checks the grammar and punctuation errors on the uploaded or typed content.



This tool supports paraphrasing the content directly from the pasted text or uploaded file

Users can only paraphrase the content of 500 words at once in the AI mode in free version

It is entirely free as it doesn’t require any registration

This tool provides the support of uploading different types of document files

Final Verdict:

Although Jasper is an excellent writing assistant tool, it is not a dedicated paraphrasing tool. So, I haven’t discussed Jasper on this list. 

But if you are looking for the best paraphrasing tool for thesis free, you can try or the Paraphrasing Tool from PrePostSEO. 

You can even use the QuillBot, but the free-of-cost version of QuillBot won’t be suitable for paraphrasing the longer form of content like research papers.

Christian Bagnimbo

Christian is a project manager and SEO specialist for Oshara. A true geek and digital lover, he loves to share his passion for digital marketing, technology and everything that goes with it.

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