What are the different stages of creating a website within a web agency?

by Nicolas Chevillard on 15/07/2022

Updated at 9/02/2023

A website is now a formidable platform for achieving many objectives such as being known by thousands of people, selling its products or services to anyone on earth with access to the Internet, etc.

This is why today we are going to reveal the different stages of creating a website within a web agency .

Contents : 

1. Assessment of client needs and objectives

The first step in creating a website within a web agency is simply understanding the client's project, expectations and objectives. This is the first exchange, in which the web agency will try to obtain as much information as possible about the client's desires. In general, these are the questions that are often asked: 

  • Why does the client want to create a website? 
  • What are the objectives of this website for the client? 
  • What are the targets of the client's business type? 
  • How many pages would the customer want on his website and what are the themes of these different pages? 
  • If the client already has an idea of the design he would like for his website? 
  • If there would be specific functionalities to be included in the website? 
  •  What contact devices does the customer want to include on their website? 

Often, following these various questions, the experts within the web agencies generally make recommendations as well as detailed explanations on the functioning of a website and the establishment of it. These different recommendations can be, for example, the type of website (showcase site, e-commerce site, blog, etc.) that would best suit the client's project and objectives. As well as recommendations on how to make money with this website (advertisements, subscriptions, contact request, online sales, partnership).

2. Free estimate for the total cost of the project

After all the different elements related to the client's website project are well understood, some web agencies like Oshara will directly provide you with a free estimate for the general cost of the project including all the points addressed and validated for the website by the client . . This free estimate also includes all the tasks that the web agency undertakes to carry out. 

If the client decides to accept the contract, then the web agency directly begins the next step which is the definition of the digital strategy around this website. 

In the event that the latter refuses, then no fees are deducted from him and the client now has a free estimate on what the realization of his digital project with a web agency could cost him.

3. Definition of the digital strategy around the website 

Following the first exchange and if the client's budget is respected, the experts within the web agency will think about the strategy to be put in place around this website.
Therefore the definition of strategic keywords for SEO web referencing of the website, the possible social networks, adapted to the client's business, on which to communicate or the webmarketing actions to be implemented such as emailing, affiliations, sponsorships, lead scoring.

4. Establishment of a schedule for the completion of the various stages of the website

Once all the objectives and functionalities of the website have been decided, the web agency will set up an online schedule for the whole team as well as the client to have a follow-up available at any time on the progress of the creation of the site. web. This will also allow the web agency team to project the time available for carrying out each task as well as to set a time constraint for each member of the web agency team.

This schedule includes the various tasks including webmarketing, content writing, design, development, testing and putting this website online. 

5. Definition of the tree structure of the website

Once the schedule has been completed and validated by the client, the web agency begins with the first stage of creating the website. The web agency will determine the most judicious and efficient tree structure for the website. This step is very important in the creation of a website since it will allow us to think about the organization of the contents taking into account the different objectives of the client to then allow the website to have a good position on the search engines research.

6. Creation of website wireframes 

A wireframe is in fact the skeleton of the future graphic models of all the pages of the website. In a wireframe, we are mainly interested in the position of the most important elements of a web page. That is to say, the location of the Call to Action, the different textual and visual contents or the different elements interactive like the search bar or the navigation menu. We also define the size of each of these elements, so the size of the fonts, the size of the CTAs or even the area that the visual elements will take. 

At Oshara, for example, we produce several wireframes, different from each other, for each page of a website so that the client can choose the ones that suit him best for his website.

7. Editing of website content

Following this, a web agency fully realizes the different contents that will be on the pages of the website or if the client chooses to provide the contents, the web agency is only responsible for optimizing each of them for the natural referencing of the website. 

The web agency should produce all the original, quality content and in large quantities so that the website is as efficient as possible thereafter. Since Google particularly appreciates this kind of content, just like visitors to a website.

8. Creation of graphic models

Once all the contents are made and agreed by the client. The design team of the web agency will therefore be able to produce all the graphic models of the website based on the wireframes chosen by the client and including the various content produced. The graphic models are the final version of the design of the pages of the website, they will therefore be the exact rendering of the pages that will include the client's website. These models therefore include the colors chosen for the website, the typography, the shapes of the buttons, the images or videos as well as the various icons.

9. Front-End Development

Then comes the Front-End development stage, it is quite simply the development of graphic models. For this, the web agency's development team will use different programming languages such as HTML, CSS or even Javascript in order to perfectly create the graphic models, but also add possible animations or visual effects on the CTAs during click for example. This step is for the purpose of allowing browsers to understand the elements of a website that they should display to visitors.

10. Back-End Development

Once the Front-End development of each page of the website has been completed, the agency moves on to Back-End development . This step will make it possible to add to the pages of a website a database as well as a layer of dynamization. The Back-End development will also make it possible to create interactions such as creating an account for a visitor, placing orders online or publishing content on a blog. Web agency developers use programming languages such as PHP and ASP for Back-End development

11. Website testing and analysis

It is very important to test a website before putting it online to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This will help ensure the proper functioning of the entire website as well as all pages are displayed perfectly in the eyes of users. Once the entire website is verified and validated, then comes the launch of the website.

12. Putting the website online 

This part is simple, the web agency will make sure to put your website online on the Internet so that it is visible to anyone visiting a browser.

13. SEO natural referencing 

Once a website is online, it is not enough if your goal is to promote yourself or sell products. Indeed, for these two objectives to be fulfilled you must arrive in the first results of searches on the web, however there is a lot of competitiveness and in order to be in the first results, you must bring new and numerous contents. to your website as well as many other methods that are part of natural SEO and which are unfortunately very technical.

This is why agencies like Oshara offer an SEO plan in order to do your SEO referencing yourself or our Montreal web agency can accompany you in SEO referencing each month so that your website is always in the first results of research.

You now know how a web agency works to create a website for their client. If you are interested in knowing more about the subject or about this type of service, you can contact us or do not hesitate to call us .

We are a web marketing agency specializing in website creation and SEO and we have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and move to the 1st page of online search results. 

See you soon, for a next column

Nicolas Chevillard

Nicolas is a marketing assistant for Oshara Inc. He is passionate about digital and loves creating content on the theme of marketing and technology to teach you more!

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