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The power of video

by Alexandre Vincent on 14/08/2018 |

As we know, in recent years, an image speaks better than words. We see it with advertising. Whether on TV, in newspapers, on billboards, or even on internet banners. There are few ads with only textual content. Starting from the postulate that the image speaks better than the texts, we can logically think that the video speaks even better than the image. And it's a reality.

On the internet, the advertising players have understood this well. We are often asked for videos on the internet whether with educational content, entertaining, or advertising. This explains the extreme popularity of the social network Youtube. Facebook has understood the issues of video. A few years ago, Marc Zuckerberg announced that the video would become the media of the future number 1. Today Instagram (which belongs to Facebook) launches its own video platform in the manner of Youtube: The IGTV (l Instagram TV).

Over the generations, new tools or video services are available to us. While some actors have immediately adopted this medium, other actors do not yet understand all the issues of video. If so, this article is for you. Because he will talk about the power of video in today's marketing strategies, and tomorrow.

The power of video in a few numbers

Video is now becoming THE essential media for sharing content and disseminating information about your business or products online. Here are some figures to illustrate this:

  • 78% of people watch videos online each week and 55% of people watch videos daily.
  • You are 2 to 3 times more likely to see a video than play textual content.
  • Video accounts for more than 60% of internet traffic.
  • Advertising video expenses doubled in 2 years.
  • 2 of the most visited sites in the world offer videos (30.0 billion: Facebook 25.8 billion: YouTube).
  • The development of telecommunication networks facilitates the broadcasting of a growing number of videos (fiber, 4G).
  • More than 500 million videos are viewed on mobile every day in the world. In France, more than 50% of users watch YouTube on the phone.

These impressive statistics are representative of the power of this medium today. Video is therefore essential today to stand out and develop its business online.

Concretely, beyond the numbers video can bring a lot to your web marketing strategy. Indeed video promotes engagement, it allows to increase your conversion rate up to 65%. This is why we are witnessing the considerable increase in the presence of videos on our Facebook or Instagram news feed.

The video is an engaging medium that is easy to share, whether on your social networks, your websites, blog ... Even your community can participate itself in the dissemination of your communication through this!

What are the criteria for a good promotional video ?

* Good storytelling : A good video is a video that tells a story that transports the viewer. That it is fun, entertaining, informative, it has to react. Remember it. The goal is to be able to transport your customers and prospects in a journey through your brand through the visual. With the technology of today and the tools that are available to us, all means are good! Classic video, 360 ° video, computer graphics, motion design, aerial photography (and soon underwater) with drones, etc. Just be creative with these means that require less effort than reading to convey a strong message. Indeed, video stimulates the imagination among your listeners. Which brings us to the next point.

* Imagination in the service of emotions : as said before, video is a great way to stimulate the imagination that triggers emotions. It is at this point that the conversion can be done, because the emotions can generate a reaction like a purchase, or a contact, etc.

The example of the fashion of "Porn-food" is excellent. The principle is the same. The social media videos of Tasty, Marmiton and other cooking platforms are more and more numerous, why? Because these videos are hungry. Hunger is an emotion like any other that triggers a reaction. After viewing we can for example want to cook, buy food, see recipes, etc.

Emotions in the service of your brand image : a successful video will allow you to emotionally link your customers to your brand or product. This is the very principle of advertising. If when the customer feels an everyday emotion and it makes him think instantly about your brand, then you have won.

For example, many advertisers use humor and the second degree to promote their notoriety and perform conversions. Indeed more and more consumers are more comfortable when their products have a "soul supplement". Video can do that because it makes your brand and its products friendly, which drives the consumer to buy.

At Oshara, we understand the challenges that video can bring to your web marketing strategy. We therefore have specialists on our team who will guide you in your media strategy and create videos that will highlight the assets of your company.

Source :
Makidoo ; Resonance communication

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