How to keep my customers engaged without loosing them?

by Joe Shara on 25/02/2020 |

Customer engagement simply means a genuine communication between an external person which is referred to as CONSUMER and an organization through various means for close similarity. In business, customer engagement is very essential to enable them to come back to you again. There are different tools and ways to engage a customer, also, it’s not all about showing products and sales but having a good engagement with customers makes progress.


1. Good communication

In business, a good communication helps improve business because lots of customers are busy with their day to day activities that they tends to forget what’s around them or what they postponed to check on later but they forget as due to stress and lots of activities. So therefore, placing calls, texting or sending an email message is not bad. It keeps ringing in their mind and they will surely get back to you if the communication is consistent. And also when your customers are trying to reach you, the company should be easy to contact with a fast response. So don't forget to remind them and engage them.

2. Inspire them

In business, keeping checks on your customers and having emotional connections with them makes you inspire them not to try another company.

3. Host an event to meet your customers

Hosting an event for the sake of your customers make you get more referral and more money running.

4. Be a Listener

Listening to your customers more helps the company to achieve more and adjust where they are lacking. It isn’t just based on giving 

out contents but also listening to them gets them more attached than they have been.

5. Useful Content Creation

Make sure whatever you are creating for them is useful and has a positive influence on your customers. Posting same content bore your customers but trying and producing new and useful content keeps them engaged to you.

6. Don’t depreciate your competitor

Customers tends to check out different companies to see what suits them but nevertheless, something may be different your company and other companies, never show your competitor weakness and bad mouthing rather make them see your value.

7. Keeping promises made

Never break a promise made to a customer no matter the circumstances rather if you know you can’t keep up then don’t make promises to them.

8. Provide entertainment and keep the conversation going

Sending messages to them about business or sales sometimes bore out customers. Put a smile on their face by providing entertaining stuff through posting or hosting a game event. It makes consumers wants to bring in referrals as far as the communication line isn’t broken.

9. Get feedback from them

After hosting an event or placing competitions or products from you, get feedback and filter them. Separate the good ones and reach out to others and work on the negative ones.

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Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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