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by Joe Shara on 27/02/2020

Updated at 1/02/2023

We’re well on our way into the new decade, and one question is at the forefront of every paid search specialist’s mind—what PPC (Pay Per Click) changes will 2020 bring to light? This past year saw the rise of artificial intelligence, the birth of countless new social platforms, and an increasing consumer focus on brand loyalty. These factors, and several others, contributed heavily to paid search trends. Since we work in a web development agency, we analyze this questions daily.

2020’s PPC changes will continue to be shaped by industry trends, new technologies, and consumer preferences. To make the most of them, businesses and marketers need to be prepared. Here are the changes our PPC experts expect to see within the pay per click landscape.


Pay per click ads, or PPC ads, use keyword research to display relevant, targeted results to searchers. The company occupying the ad space pays a small amount for every click their link receives. Utilizing PPC advertising allows ads to blend almost seamlessly with organic search results and win more clicks. This integration, along with the constant evolution of Google search algorithms, has made PPC campaigns a vital part of every successful digital marketing strategy.


Well-planned and thoughtfully executed PPC campaigns offer brands an ideal way to boost their advertising return without sacrificing their budget. Thanks to many helpful tools and PPC planning programs, ads can be set to run for a certain amount of time, or until a preset budget is reached. Once that limit is achieved, the campaign can be paused or turned off to keep further costs from accruing.


Another added benefit of Pay per click ads is their positive correlation to dedicated SEO and keyword research. When keyword research and SEO are done well, your brand’s PPC ads will naturally be more highly-targeted and effective. These three facets of marketing all provide stellar value to a marketing campaign on their own. But when used in conjunction, they’re even more effective.


Amazon’s paid advertising appears both on and off its parent site, making the feature incredibly popular with e-commerce retailers. Another advantage of Amazon’s paid ads is buyer intent. Searchers on Facebook and Google aren’t necessarily seeking out a particular product; Amazon buyers are.

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YouTube bumper videos

Paid search teams are tapping into the power of video PPC ads. These types of ads can be created at affordable prices and offer a fantastic opportunity to raise brand awareness. Google’s latest video marketing tool, Bumper Machine from YouTube, will be able to automatically create 6-second “bumper” PPC ads from longer clips, making it simpler and more efficient to cut a produced clip down to its most important elements.


Smart Bidding is a machine learning-controlled automated bidding system, meant to optimize conversions and conversion values in auctions. Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), and other Smart Bidding tools are pushing manual bidding aside. As the popularity of Smart Bidding and associated tools continues to rise, strategy and semantics will play a key role in staying ahead of paid search trends.


AI can help

Like automation, marketing tools that depend on artificial intelligence (AI) are always improving. Many of these AI tools also rely on automation so that they can analyze sets of data gleaned from marketing campaigns and other related data sources to help marketers make better, more informed decisions.

For Pay per click campaigns, AI can help marketers select the right bids that will drive the most traffic and - if paired with a solid marketing strategy - the most results. AI can also better analyze click-through rate, according to Smart Insights, of future PPC ads as well as predict conversion likelihood through the use of historic data.

AI is also continuing to improve in the area of predicting and mapping out how people think and reach decisions. That ability could truly unleash game-changing ways in which marketers make decisions in PPC and other marketing campaigns.

Most businesses that have at least dipped their toe into digital marketing are aware that Google Ads is a popular choice for reaching customers through PPC campaigns. This is still true, but watch for even more services, such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram, to continue to grow their PPC offerings for advertisers in 2020.

Now, this does not mean every business should place PPC ads on every ad platform possible. This still comes down to making wise decisions about who the business is attempting to reach and where those users are most likely to already be present. This is part of the reason why automation and AI will become even more valuable to marketers in the coming year.


Moving away from the algorithmic side of technology, advertisers will also need to rethink their Pay per click platforms of choice in 2020. The obvious option for retailers is Amazon Ads, which offers a powerful addition (or alternative) to Google Shopping campaigns.

For local businesses, Google is also providing a new channel aimed at smaller businesses. Waze Local allows businesses to target drivers as they’re travelling through their immediate location – ideal for people on the move who need to teak a break from driving and make spontaneous purchases on the way home.

Quora Ads is making big progress in a number of areas, too – especially in the B2B, software and consumer electronics niches. Meanwhile, the big rising star of 2019 has been Chinese social media platform TikTok, which has just embarked on its own advertising adventure that could give the likes of Facebook and Instagram a lot to think about – one to watch for 2020. Meanwhile, Facebook’s reduction in News Feed ads will likely push more consumer brands over to Instagram and B2B advertisers in search of other options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost-per-click ads, or CPC ads, use keyword research to display relevant and targeted results to searchers. The company occupying the ad space pays a small fee for each click their link receives.

AI can help marketers select offers that drive the most traffic and, if coupled with a solid marketing strategy, yield the most results. According to Smart Insights, AI can also better analyze the click-through rate of future CPC ads and predict the likelihood of conversion using historical data.

An automated bidding system controlled by machine learning, designed to optimize conversions and conversion values in auctions. Enhanced cost-per-click (CPC), target return on ad spends (ROAS) and other smart bidding tools put manual bidding on hold.

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