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How to obtain instagram certification?

How to obtain instagram certification?

by Joe Shara on 2/08/2018 |

Updated at 14/04/2021

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram offers the possibility for administrators of an Instagram page to certify certain pages. Oshara Inc, a web agency specialized in web marketing and digital design, enlightens you on how to get the small blue Instagram badge, a sign of performance.

The badge checked Instagram.

The Instagram verification badge symbolizes the authenticity of a high profile account. Very often it is entrusted to celebrities, to an important public person or to an internationally recognized brand, such as Adidas for example. This verification badge comes in the form of a small icon, placed at the end of a page name. An Instagram team dedicated to this activity is in charge of auditing the accounts.

Obtain Instagram certification?

The operation is far from simple. First of all, the Instagram team that looks after the accounts of personalities and brands with high popularity is unreachable. As a result, you are unable to solicit a request directly from them.
According to Instagram, for this acquisition, it is not necessary to belong to a specific sector of activity, nor to hold a precise number of followers. He advises to own:

  • Regular publication frequency.
  • A committed community.
  • A lack of buying fake likes
  • A personalized biography
  • A risk of identity theft

Not everyone is affected by the purchase of an Instagram badge. Only the great personalities benefit.
A second indication should be taken into account. If your page benefits from a certification indicated by a grey or blue badge. Unfortunately, your Instagram page will not automatically be certified.

What is the point of obtaining the verified Instagram badge?

Obtaining the Instagram certification badge is metaphorically the icing on the cake for digital communication. In this situation, many benefits directly impact your brand image.

  • Brand Image: Once your Instagram account is certified, it brings authenticity. This systematically leads to an increase in trust in relations with your community
  • Visibility: The blue badge provides a real demarcation against the competition, because certified accounts appear more regularly in news feeds.

Regarding identity theft. If you are a victim and thought obtaining this device was a solution. It is more useful, is to refer it as soon as possible on the social network page, designed to this initiative. Or contact the IAC who can help you.
However, if you want to know more about how to get other social networking accounts certified, you can read our articles about Facebook Page Certification and Twitter Blue Checkmark.

If you need any help with your Instagram certification process please contact our web agency. We run the best marketing web agency in Montreal.

Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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