How to choose your CMS: Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal

How to choose your CMS: Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal

by Joe Shara on 1/05/2018

Updated at 8/02/2023

Nowadays, setting up a website has never been so easy. Now, the main difficulty is to select the content management system adapted to your needs. So which CMS (content management system) to choose for your project?

Currently, there are three CMS that stand out and are to be taken seriously. All three are designed to set up all types of websites. They have similarities such as their fast and free installation, access to attractive and flexible templates. So, what is the difference between these three CMS? What are the impacts?

This article will study the three main CMS: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. For each of them, we will discuss their strengths, weaknesses and specific features when using them.


WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS, more than 25% of websites are powered by it. In its early days, the platform was considered a blogging platform, but it has undergone some great evolutions.

Among all known CMS, WordPress currently offers the largest library of extensions and themes. Chances are you'll find a plugin for all the features associated with your website.

Main features of WordPress

Intuitive layout and dashboard.

Simplified site management and page creation.

Multiple sites can be powered from the same dashboard.

Over 70 languages available.

Hosting providers adapted to the platform.

Ease of use

WordPress has two main assets. The first is the support of its large community, which facilitates mutual aid between users and the improvement of the platform. The second is its simplicity of use, which appeals to novices who want to quickly improve their visibility on the Internet. The disadvantage is that its functionalities are limited in the long term, and its two competitors have understood this.

Who can benefit from WordPress?

WordPress is a great choice for users who don't want to have headaches when working on a website project. It is very easy to use, can be used for all types of websites including online stores.

It is not as secure as its powerful competitor Drupal, nor as functional and scalable as Joomla. However, WordPress is certainly the CMS offering an efficient solution to be present online quickly.


Drupal is surely the most powerful and secure CMS of the three, as it is regularly used to power high traffic websites such as online games or government sites.

The platform has a multitude of powerful core features, including content creation and security firewalls. To understand how Drupal fights against data piracy, I invite you to read this article or this page. The possibility to add modules and themes makes it a very good choice to customize your website.

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Main features of Drupal

Uses less system resources than its competitors.

Highly secure system.

Easy customization, with its collection of themes and modules.

A vast choice of programming applications compatible with the interface (API).

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) functions.

Ease of use

Unlike WordPress, Drupal is far from being a platform for beginners. Depending on your expectations and the ambitions of your project, it is necessary that you have a minimum of basic knowledge of HTML and PHP. Therefore, it targets trained users with web development skills.

Who can benefit from Drupal?

This platform offers a powerful set of features for users with web development skills. If you are working on a site for your business that requires a high degree of security, Drupal is for you. The only question is whether you have the time to devote to this CMS so that you can get the most out of it.


Where Drupal is considered too complex, and WordPress too easy to use, Joomla offers a good balance between the two.

The platform gives you access to a diversity of themes and extensions, with very flexible features over time. But also, a supportive community happy to answer all your questions as the official French-speaking association of Joomla users.

Main features of Joomla

Faster loading of the site.

Easy interaction with social networks.

Native support for multilingual sites.

Facilitates referencing without having to resort to third-party extensions.

Menu creation tool available.

Ease of use

As you can probably guess, Joomla offers a middle ground between Drupal and WordPress in terms of ease of use. Its dashboard is not as user-friendly as the one of WordPress, but remains clean and simple while allowing to modify the contents and interfaces, according to the evolution of the Web site.

The automation of the management of referencing tasks, and the work around social networks, dispenses with the use of extensions or third-party tools.

Who can benefit from Joomla?

If you are not attracted by WordPress or Drupal, you should be interested in Joomla. It offers more basic functionality and adaptability than WordPress, and it doesn't require a mastery of site development like Drupal.


Because of its flexibility, its modularity, and its ease of creating communities, Joomla is the most suitable tool for most projects, with a minimum of knowledge. This does not mean that Drupal and WordPress are not up to the task. It only depends on the ambition of your project and your skills in website development.

To summarize the three CMS

  1. Joomla: A robust, flexible CMS that facilitates interaction with social networks.
  2. WordPress: A platform adapted for young users with no or very little knowledge.
  3. Drupal; An advanced platform that focuses on performance and security, suitable for enterprise projects.

You should also know that with each of these CMS you can also do e-commerce, but for the latter, we recommend technologies that integrate systems thought e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage their content. It is also one of the best tools for building a website or a blog.

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create professional quality websites. Many aspects make this software one of the most popular.

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). A CMS is software that allows you to manage the content of a website. Drupal allows users to evolve the site without the need for a programmer.

Joomla: A robust, flexible CMS that facilitates interaction with social networks. WordPress: A platform adapted for young users with little or no knowledge. Drupal: An advanced platform that focuses on performance and security, suitable for enterprise projects.

Joe Shara

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