How Netlinking Is Useful for Your SEO

How Netlinking Is Useful for Your SEO

by Joe Shara on 2/08/2018 |

Updated at 28/02/2020

With the aim of helping companies improve their notoriety through their blogs. Oshara Inc, shares his knowledge about Netlinking in this article.

What is Netlinking?

Netlinking is an activity promoting the establishment of links between websites.
These links are also called inlink or backlink, back link or incoming link.
The purpose of a backlink and direct the reader to another web page via a simple click.
The grouping of links created is called a mesh.
It is necessary to distinguish between the internal links of a website that participate in its networking, and those of external or outgoing links from external sources. This is the case of Netlinking, which consists in developing incoming links to facilitate accessibility.

The usefulness of netlinking

Links, as for content or data is an essential element of the web. The emergence of netlinking strategies, enters in a perspective of generating traffic on its website. Previously it was the role of the traffic manager to negotiate links on reference sites with a large traffic for part of it to visit his website.
Now with the appearance of portals and directories of links, these last thanks to their classifications by category, made it possible to bring relevance, in particular in the searches of sites.
Text links also appear regularly, because when writing an article, they are easy to set up. Their advantage is that they bring quality resources while improving the reading of the article.

The origins of netlinking

Faced with this basic element, in 1997 Google decided to pay particular attention to backlinks.
To do this Google designed a robot that will automatically follow the links, with the aim of indexing them quickly to become the largest index of the web.
By combining value with popularity and high traffic profile links, Google is able to rank these results pertinently and therefore provides powerful qualitative links.
Until 2013, Google delivered scores for each web page, these were accessible via Google Toolbar now closed.
The sites with very good marks indicated by this tool, benefited greatly from a better positioning in Google search engines.
Today, Google wishes to make undetectable the level of notoriety of a link or a profile.
Nevertheless, other tools have emerged to fill this gap. The most used are Moz, Ahref, Majestic or Semrush.
Search engine optimization (SEO) took into account netlinking in 1998, the year Google was imposed. The use of netlinking in an SEO strategy, therefore, can significantly improve the positioning of pages.

Creating effective links

To improve your SEO, it is essential to create effective links. For that we share some useful rules.

    • The backlink text should be meaningful with keywords in connection with the landing page. You must avoid at all costs anchors with empty words, such as "Click here".
    • The link must provide added value for the reader to satisfy his curiosity.
    • Obviously the link must preferably come from a page with a large traffic with a good positioning in search engines.
  • The location of the link must be incorporated in the body of the text and not at the end of the page or in empty fields.

Our ultimate advice is to privilege the sharing of qualitative links, to the detriment of the use of links in large quantities which can be assimilated to Spamdexing (abusive referencing). Effect this last can be very constraining to you in the future of your SEO ,because the search engines fight against this practice.

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How Netlinking Is Useful for Your SEO

With the aim of helping companies improve their notoriety through their blogs. Oshara Inc, shares his knowledge about Netlinking in thi...

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