by Sawab Allaladé on 4/02/2020

Updated at 27/01/2023

Artificial intelligence has had breakthroughs in recent years which have in turn opened opportunities in businesses, especially in digital marketing. As technology is advancing, so too has AI impacted significantly in various sectors such as education, finance and e-commerce.

AI can transform digital marketing by helping to deliver improved customer experience. Customers are the most important in digital marketing because they are the consumers who bring in money to the company involved. Without the customers, there cannot be a business.

In its true sense, the AI momentum has been spurred by the influx of advanced data analytics tools, advancements in machine learning, availability of rich and extensive data-sets, and a data-driven approach to marketing and innovation. This ground-breaking development in AI will have far reaching implications across every industry, including online marketing. For example, AI and Machine Learning can go a long way in improving cybersecurity. According to certain identity theft statistics, in the US alone, 791 million identities were stolen. Thus AI and machine learning can help automate threat detection and guard against cyber-attacks.

It is true that in the beginning, marketers were reluctant to incorporate AI in their digital marketing strategies because of course, humans were more trusted to understand commands and carry them out judiciously and then machines were...well, machines. But then the workload involved in digital marketing coming from increased users/customers changed the perspective. As advancements in AI technology kept taking place, there is now a reduced ambiguity with respect to the results it’s providing. According to a survey, 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% more are even planning on incorporating this technology in 2019.

According to Wikipedia, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Leading AI textbooks define the field as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem solving".

Here are ways through which AI can help to improve Digital Marketing:


A chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Digital marketing requires a new-age communication that should be characterized by advancement, quickness, and accuracy in the conveyance of message. So what else than AI can facilitate this next-level engagement with the audience. Chatbots, therefore, have come of age in terms of a powerful communication tool, today. At a time when social media has taken the world by storm, chatbots are the future of an interactive engagement. They will allow consumers to engage with marketers in terms of content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagements. According to an eConsultancy report, 57% of customers preferred live chat to get their queries resolved. Today, every customer expects a quick and responsive service, and chatbots are well-programmed to provide that. These can also handle proactive after-sale customer engagement by sending follow-up messages – a key attribute for the success of digital marketing strategy.


it is absolutely true that creating content is in the realm of human intellectual faculties, but how can one expect machines to even match this? As a matter of fact, a bulk of content creation is surprisingly repetitive, meanwhile machines have improved writing to the point where it is hard to tell the difference. Clearly, machines can now be trusted to generate content thanks to AI. For example, AI can already write reports and news based on data and information. In view of this, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has given AI the ability to drive content marketing and production.
When it comes to content marketing, content curation is the obvious outcome of advances in AI. It can scan the internet for the suitable content to curate automatically. It is now possible to auto-generate marketing emails at scale, where each recipient gets their own uniquely personalized curated content based on their individual interests. Marketers can now better connect with visitors on certain websites and provide them more relevant content. Recently, Vestorly, an AI-powered content marketing platform has come up with new AI-guided content curation features to emulate marketers more effectively over time and increase engagement rates with consumers.


Increased user experience is like the sin qua non of a successful marketing. When it comes to interaction, customers want a seamless UX and outstanding customer service from start to finish. With the help of AI, marketers can individually tailor and design marketing campaigns for each user, making them easily convinced to take desired actions. The AI-powered tailored messages and solutions mainly focus on the current context of where consumers are and what they are doing, thus solving the exact problem they have at that moment.


The tools being used for website design are also getting smarter with time. There are web designing tools like Grid, which helps to create an appealing website design according to the user data. This also helps to create custom landing pages with the right placement of CTA buttons, rich media, and more.

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Data gathering has now become a significant niche to understand the existing user-data and make predictions accordingly. This data analysis and forecasting are very beneficial to make changes in your marketing strategy and boost your sales. The product pricing, lacking marketing technique and even the weak website design can be easily predicted using the deep data analysis technique. The in-depth data is analyzed with the help of AI and ML tools.


Today, it’s possible to have your virtual presence to check any product and finalize your buying decision. Lenskart, an Indian eyewear store, gives you the option to check different eye wears on your face and try the best one that suits you. Another website called TopShop (a British Clothing retailer) allows you to check the clothes virtually. Such virtual technology is another big advancement made by the use of AI and ML to improve the user experience and amplify your sales to multiple counts.
There are many other AI traits, and in every way, it is affecting the sales and marketing of your products and services.
Productivity is another important factor that has increased with the inclusion of AI tools/machines. The need for human resources has also decreased, that was a significant issue in serving the customers in a better way.


Every marketer understands that effective marketing is an ongoing enigma. With consumers needs and expectations changing constantly, it’s difficult for any seasoned marketer to stay in the loop of current insights.
However, AI-driven technology is set to revolutionize marketing, by presenting marketers with a vast amount of quality data at scale, through the use of deep learning.
Deep learning doesn’t require any human operators to command or analyze outputs, and works on a trial-and-error basis. These algorithms are able to pick up detailed information by mimicking activities of the human brain. Therefore, marketers are able to use deep learning to understand, anticipate, analyze and act faster to develop smarter campaigns and preserve their time for more demanding tasks.


Voice search is the new trend that everyone is nowadays talking about. According to the statistics, Google now has about 70% of its mobile traffic via voice searches. It is another big reason why Google introduced RankBrain that learns from the users and serves them accordingly. The RankBrain is more of machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology builds with deep, intelligent algorithms to take actions as per the user-requests.


One application of AI might work as follows: a department store chain wants to boost sales in its cosmetic department and decides to provide more tailored information about the offering to its customers.
Using data gathered from loyalty cards, it develops an AI system to identify purchase patterns for each customer and predict their future needs. For example, a customer might tend to buy a certain perfume if they have selected their shower gel shortly beforehand.
Using this information, the company could send the customer a newsletter featuring products that are tailored to their purchase behaviour. AI systems then learn from customer responses and adjust messages and subsequent offers accordingly.
This results in more relevant offerings for customers and an increase in customer satisfaction, leading to higher sales.
AI is particularly powerful in this context because it is able to execute such a scenario on a large scale, meaning it can deliver personalized marketing to every consumer.
harness this data in real-time and then quickly modify messaging or branding for maximum effectiveness.


While there are various ways to optimize digital advertising and account-based marketing, AI solutions help marketers take them a step further for deeper insight and analysis. AI can tap into the abundance of consumer data hidden in keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data, for smarter and more effective digital ads. The results are human-level outcomes and insights without the manual human labor.


This abundance of data can also help feed consumer profiles. AI solutions provide marketers with deeper knowledge of consumers and prospective clients, enabling them to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The secret to building a truly comprehensive profile lies in capturing data during every single consumer interaction. Marketers can use AI solutions to take these profiles a step further, refine marketing campaigns, and create highly personalized content.


Asdext is an Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS) that uses deep, transfer and machine learning to automate the handling and optimization of your ads on platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. This means that, in addition to testing different audiences on each ad to detect the one most likely to make the desired action or conversion, it’s able to identify and learn which platforms are most profitable and then channel the investment toward them.
As you can see, having artificial intelligence on your side will give you several benefits in your digital marketing strategy. AI is the new face of productivity, efficiency, and profitability (since better decisions mean a higher ROI).
The decision to embark on a new era driven by AI, or get stuck in the past, will be everyone’s personal choice.
And, just to be clear, AI isn’t here to replace the jobs of marketers or advertisers; it’s here to unleash their true strategic and creative potential. But, for this to happen, these professionals must adapt themselves and get on board with AI.


AI-powered systems make it possible to set up automated or drip campaigns that are driven by customer data and are based on what stage someone is at in the customer journey. The technology uses past purchases, interests and browsing behaviors to set up automated campaigns that are designed to nurture your leads.
AI can also help you determine what kind of content and images that are going to be most effective in drafting your welcome emails, order update emails and retention emails among others to achieve the highest amount of engagement and conversion possible.


Some of the most successful email marketing campaigns are focused on creating emails that look like they were written personally by humans rather than being machine-generated. AI technology helps analyze consumer behavior and study their interests to generate data-driven insights. This makes it possible for you to create customized emails that are tailor-made for each of your individual subscribers. Subscribers are more likely to skip your email if it doesn’t tickle their fancy. In other words, AI can tell you what content is needed to resonate most with your target audience at a personalized level. The best way to gather data for an effective approach to this method is to ask them to set their preferences while signing up or after they’ve received their welcome email.


Both personalization and automation of an email marketing campaign wouldn’t be possible without the help of big data. You don’t have to be a big company to deal with this kind of concept, especially if you’re trying to segment your subscribers to create more personalized emails.
With email marketing becoming more common than ever, it’s getting more difficult to make your emails worthy of your subscriber’s time since they are receiving a huge amount of emails daily. But with the help of big data, you’ll have a chance to stand out from the noise.
Segmentation is possible through the data your subscribers provide when they sign up. But aside from this, you can also gather more personal data that will help you with drafting bespoke email content. Cookies from website visitors and the pages they’ve visited are some of the essential information you can use to gain deeper insights about your target audience.
Analysis of huge sets of data can help you avoid bombarding subscribers with mass generic emails in the future. With personalization and unique content as your point of focus, you’ll be able to stand out from all the clutter they receive from other marketers on a daily basis.


Wherever marketers choose to implement AI, they all realize that artificial intelligence technology is reshaping marketing as we know it and affecting various aspects of business.
Since this technology is continuously developing and expanding, AI should be a top priority investment for businesses that wish to succeed in the competitive market. Those who fail to do so, will be left behind.

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Find Out How My Team will "transform" your businesses through Reliable Application or Technology

Web development - We are a team of passionate web coders that will materialize your ideas in ways you could not even imagine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the set of possible implementations by machines of human intelligence. It is a machine that imitates humans in an autonomous way.

Also known as "conversational agent", is a computer program, which manages a conversation with a human (customer) and suggests relevant answers automatically. It can understand the meaning of sentences and not just key words. It is often used on websites and appears as a chat.

Asdext is an AMaaS (Audience Management as a Service) that uses deep learning, transfer, and machine learning to automate the processing and optimization of your ads on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This means that in addition to testing different audiences on each ad to detect which one is most likely to perform the desired action or conversion, it can identify and learn which platforms are the most profitable, and then funnel the investment to them.

It is mega data or massive data. It is a set of data, resources, and information so large in volume, velocity, and variety that it requires multiple machines to process. However, it generates a lot of value thanks to very advanced tools and methods.

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