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Good or bad idea invest in a good visual identity

15/05/2018 |

It is complicate to find something more important than the visual identity in business communication. The visual identity of a company is the first approach to the customer, it allows him to recognize and quickly identify the company. Its graphics, acronyms, fonts act as a signature to disseminate loud values in the minds of customers. Oshara agency is sharing the reasons for investing in a good visual identity.

A visual identity?

To begin, let's start with a definition of visual identity. The visual identity of a company is the set of graphic elements facilitating the distinction of a company, an organization or a brand. These elements made up of the logo, the name, the slogan, the colors, the graphics, the fonts. They are grouped together and described in a graphic chart, in order to easily apply it on all conceivable supports intended for the customers. The visual identity is part of the company's communication strategy. Its function is to promote the image and values ​​of the company.

The benefits of visual identity.

Visual identity should not be taken lightly, as its definition fails to mention its impact on the customer. The creation of a graphic charter by a communication professional, will generate a multitude of benefits on the activity of the company.

Give an identity to your business.

The first benefit seems obvious, but it is essential to remember it. As its name suggests, the visual identity will give an identity to your business. This allows your business to be known and even recognized through the competition, especially with a compelling image.

Spread the values ​​of your business.

Through your color code, your symbols, your slogan, you convey your values ​​directly to customers and potential prospects. The goal is to catch the customer's mind so that he can identify you and trust you. As they say, "It's the first impression that counts."

A perennial image.

In order to maximize your communication durably, it is necessary to carefully elaborate your graphic charter. With a visual identity clearly identifying your structure, your messages will have a significant impact in time, through their uniformity and clarity.

Boost the image of a company.

It is important to take advantage of your visual identity to establish yourself sustainably in a industry. The visual identity will contribute to the improvement of your reputation and anchor your place in your sector of activity.

A membership in the company.

The visual identity has the advantage of creating the membership effect. It's easier to focus on a brand or company, with concrete elements like your values, history of creations, milestones, and so on. Thanks to your objects, with your communication goodies, your customers will fully own your brand. This will also strengthen the feeling of belonging within your work teams, and at the same time their commitment to society.

A rewarding investment.

The last benefit, which is far from negligible, is economic. With a well-defined and effective graphic chart, your communication support creations will be much easier and faster to achieve. So you will save time and avoid spending money unnecessarily on new graphic designs.

Design of the visual identity.

After viewing all the benefits, what else can a visual identity have to offer? You will surely understand that the exercise is far from being simple and requires careful consideration. Designing a visual identity is like personifying and giving an image to the company that federates, your prospects, your customers and your employees. The interest of a good visual identity is simple andmust fulfill two objectives that is to be attractive and sustainable over time.

Attractiveness makes it possible to reach your target directly, to convince them and quickly identify the values ​​of your organization.

The durability of the visual identity is important to guarantee its functionality in the future.

To avoid destabilizing customers and undermining brand awareness, we advise you to minimize visual identity changes. For these different reasons, it is interesting to collaborate with a professional graphic designer to help you in this decisive task. Only a communication professional, can visualizes the extent of the challenges of your visual identity. While respecting your requirements, the graphic designer accompanies you in the conception of your visual identity.

Where to display your visual identity?

Like any communication medium, for its effectiveness to be optimized, it is natural that the latter be well exposed, to have optimal visibility. It should not be posted ANYWHERE. With such a strategy, your expenses will be in vain. Instead, adopt a strategic approach around the places, or interests of your targets. Thus, you will be sure that your work will have an effective impact with lucrative rewards. Here is our list of examples of locations, where we find it interesting to submit your visual identity:

Website of the company

Corporate social network Press release Visit card Flyers and posters Goodies (T-shirts, pens, bookmarks, pugs ...) Etc.


Before starting a communication campaign, it is best to establish the visual identity correctly alongside a communication professional. This way, you will be sure to be easily identifiable durably among your competitors.

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