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Get your facebook page certified

2/08/2018 |

Like other social platforms, Facebook shares the same desire to ensure that reliable information is available online. To do this, a Facebook badge is now available

Oshara, explains to you thanks to this article the interests of obtaining a Facebook badge.

Two types of badges verified on Facebook

The badge verified on Facebook is available in two versions. The first is characterized by a blue button and its indication to certify the authenticity of Facebook pages belonging to a major brand or organization with very strong notoriety. This also applies to certain places, of the tourist or historical type.

The second is less recognizable by its grey colour. It is very often used to authenticate the pages of small and medium-sized organizations and businesses.

The interest of the badge checked on Facebook

Having certification from Facebook brings many benefits.
We can easily discern 4:

  • The first is to easily stand out from profiles and pages with similar activities or identities

  • The second is the expansion and enhancement of your brand image in the eyes of your community. With the presence of the badge, Internet users will have more confidence in your services and will be able to adhere to them more easily.

  • Then, you avoid the risks of identity theft, which can impact your notoriety online

  • But also gain visibility, because Facebook systematically highlights all verified Facebook pages.

Get a Facebook certification (Grey Badge)?

Once you know how important a Facebook verification badge is, it's interesting to know how you check a Facebook page. In the past, it was necessary to fill a file online via a link, but following a too consequent Facebook request deleted it

The operation is now simpler, even simpler than the one you need to perform regarding the acquisition of BluePrint Facebook certification. However, it is essential to respect some prerequisites.
These prerequisites are as follows:

  • A complete and parameterized page

  • Profile photo

  • Cover photo

  • An authorized page name

  • A page with publications, regular content

If your page respects these, it will be enough for you to make check your page yourself in the parameters of the page.
To do so, click on Check this page, then on Start
Thanks to the telephone number indicated, you will receive a 4-digit verification number that you will have to enter quickly.
Once your verification request is taken into account, it takes between 48 hours and a week to receive Facebook's response.

Request for verification denied. The reasons :

Your request may not be successful, there are many reasons why Facebook may influence this decision.

  • The first is the absence of a large and vibrant community.

  • The description of your reason or identification that you have provided is inappropriate or inconsistent.

  • Your page has very little traffic.

In this situation, we ask you to quietly and seriously resume the preparation of your page to make a second application for certification.
Because with the acquisition of this free badge, you will notice clear differences in your results.

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