Get Blueprint Facebook Certification

Get Blueprint Facebook Certification

by Joe Shara on 2/08/2018

Updated at 24/03/2023

Follow our tips to find out how and why you can get BluePrint Facebook Certification.
Since 2015, Facebook has been certified to authenticate digital professionals. This certification is called BluePrint Facebook.
Thanks to this accreditation, Facebook is able to recognize you as a Facebook Social Ads professional. The social network focuses on ad buying coaching with free training sessions, combined with ad management, targeting, campaign optimization and performance measurement.
Very often novice community managers take the necessary steps to benefit from these certifications to begin their careers. For this it is necessary to have a minimum score at one of the two proposed certifications: Planning and Purchasing.
The first certification is "Professional certified Facebook mention Planning", it certifies expertise in the management of Facebook pages, advertisements, in reading audience statistics.
The second is "Certified Facebook Buy Professional", which approves expertise in Facebook buying and advertising. It concerns many points such as, the selection of the advertising objectives, the creation and purchase of ads. But also the use of pixel and SDK.


Access not easy!

These two certifications require the passing of two examinations for each of them.
For Planning, you must pass the 310-101 Core Competency Examination in Facebook Advertising and the 322-101 exam that certifies the Facebook Professional Planning. The validation of its examinations requires results higher than 700/1000.
The objective of the latter is to test the expert's skills in:

  • Targeted audiences to maximize impact.
  • Optimization of audience insights.
  • Understanding Facebook's measurement solutions
  • Selecting and using Facebook advertising objectives
  • Use of audience insights.
  • Implementation of planning and recommendations.
  • Implementation of advertising and communication strategy.

Concerning the mention Purchase, there again it is necessary to validate the two examinations with a minimum of 700 points for each of them.

The first, is the 310-101 exam, the same one used for the previous mention. As for the second examination, numbered 321-101 concerns Facebook Certified Professionals mentioning Purchase. It aims to highlight the level of skills in the areas of:

  • Improved performance and distribution through advertising auctions.
  • Interpreting Facebook SDK pixel tests
  • Exploitation of customer insights and product catalogue
  • Development of advertising performance indicators
  • Solving advertising performance problems
  • Creation, purchase and management of Facebook ads.

The disadvantage of these examinations is that they are a cost. In fact, switching to one of these modules will cost you about US$150. These fees may vary during the payment process which varies depending on your country.

Quality framing.

Nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy the quality of the training free of charge and enjoy the mock exam also free of charge. An opportunity to test your knowledge in real conditions.
As for the teaching modules, they are really well constructed and consist of several lessons accompanied by concrete examples. The level is high and is clearly aimed at marketers who want to make the most of the platform.
Once you have validated and received your Blueprint certification, it is only valid for 12 months. If you want to preserve it, you will have to repeat the operation each year and therefore necessarily go to the cash register again.


Clearly this Facebook accreditation program is for digital advertising professionals who wish to enhance their skills and enhance their resume for potential job opportunities. Or only improve your knowledge through quality teaching. So if you are in one of these situations, we strongly advise you to use it to distinguish yourself. will make everyone believe they are looking at a real Windows XP operating system, but the thruth is that this is just a simulator running in a web browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2015, Facebook has implemented a certification to authenticate digital professionals. This certification is called Facebook Blueprint.

- Improving performance and delivery through ad bidding - Interpretation of Facebook SDK pixel tests - Leverage customer insights and product catalog - Develop ad performance metrics - Solve ad performance problems - Creating, buying, and managing Facebook ads

Taking any of the modules will cost you approximately $150 USD. This fee may vary during the payment process, which varies by country.

- Targeting audiences for maximum impact. - Optimizing audience insights. - Understanding Facebook's measurement solutions. - Selecting and using Facebook ad goals. - Using audience insights. - Implementing planning and recommendations. - Implementation of advertising and communication strategies.

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