Design like a pro with CANVA

Design like a pro with CANVA

by Sawab Allaladé on 14/01/2020

Updated at 8/02/2023


Canva is an easy way - without any graphic design experience - to create professional graphics for social media, presentations, newsletters, business cards, brochures, gift certificates and more. Flexible design templates provide the correct layout for your target destination, allowing you to focus on design, not file size or formatting. And because Canva lives in the cloud, you can access your graphics from anywhere you can log in. Learn how to get up and running with Canva in this short and fun training course from Canva expert Marley Baird. Marley shows how to add and edit images, work with typography, and use the built-in design templates to build your next project with Canva.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Canva account
  • Adding your brand to Canva
  • Adding images
  • Editing images
  • Typography
  • Using design templates
  • Designing presentations
  • Designing logos
  • Creating animations

I- Create a Canva account

You can create your account in the following ways:

1- By using your google and Facebook account (the fastest)

2- By registering in the traditional way (email)

No matter which way you choose, just make sure to religiously follow all the step by step instructions that are given to you.

II- Add your brand to Canva

Canva has a plethora of templates, images, icons, fonts, and many other resources available. But generally, in design, we always want to make sure that the creations use the visual elements of our own or our client's brand, ie:

  • colors,
  • fonts,
  • logos
  • and anything else that can leave the right impression on your designs.

In fact, Canva makes it easy to use these resources and integrate your brand into your account so it's easy to use and find every time. Even if you have a different brand for maybe different clients or different projects you're working on, you can upload and organize your brand to your Canva account.

1- Click on visual identity

Compose content with the HTML code editor with live preview. Get a subscription to remove promotional messages or browse our directory for the best free online tools.

Create on Canva

From this screen and depending on your package you will be able to add and set all the elements of your visual identity or that of your client.


The visual identity or graphic identity is a set of coherent visual elements that allow to identify the same entity through the different media of communication that it emits.

2- From this window you can now add and customize the elements and resources of your brand.

3- If there are elements of your visual ID that are not in Canva, you can also upload them directly, depending on your plan.

Warning: Depending on your plan (with Canva), you may be limited to what is possible to integrate in certain sections such as (logo, fonts, number of colors) etc.

III- Where to find your brand in Canva

Once you have uploaded and integrated your Visual ID on Canva, sometimes you may not know where to find it. In order not to get confused, always start from a new creation or an already existing one. 

- Let's start by creating a post on Facebook.

- Once you've launched the new design, we'll for example create a font by clicking on add title.

Edit with canva

- Once the title is added, you can very easily click on the colors to display all the color palettes of the previously added visual kit that you just downloaded with all the color palettes. From there you can choose the color you want for your font.

Texte on canva

- To change the font, simply click on the "font" option to display all the fonts of your brand as well as the downloaded fonts. As you scroll down you will also have the option to use fonts suggested by the Canva tool.

- Then, to find and add a logo that you had downloaded, you will just have to click on folder and open the convenient file that you had for example named "logo", to find and select your logo that you can just drag and drop on your creation. You will also be able to resize it to your needs and place it wherever you want on your design.

Logo on canva

IV- Canva drawings and templates


When you need to design something, if you don't already have the vision or an example of how you want to proceed, it can be overwhelming to start with a blank slate. That's why Canva is such an amazing tool, because no matter what you're creating, whether it's a social media graphic, a brochure, a resume, a magazine. They have samples and templates that you can use for anything and everything. You can even take their full template and add your own content to it, so your creation is finished in minutes.

From Canva's homepage, you'll see that you can create a design using several of their pre-made templates.

Canva Dashboard

When you click on "Browse All," you can see all the designs and templates you can choose from. Whether it's personal, education, marketing, events, really, the sky is the limit.

Canva template

Now, if they don't have the exact design template that you need, you can also create one with custom dimensions, and you can choose your width and height in pixels, or inches, millimeters, centimeters, especially if you know that this is the design that you needed to be printed in those certain dimensions.

Canva Tools

It's easy to use custom dimensions here.

V- Publishing from Canva and other platform integrations

With Canva's publishing options, you can eliminate a few steps when publishing a design to your social media platforms. As you'll see, you'll be able to publish to social media. And instead of having to upload it, logging into my Facebook, my LinkedIn, my Pinterest, all the platforms, you can publish it directly from Canva. Right now, there's no option to post directly to Instagram or your personal Facebook, but this will show you how to post to many other platforms from here. Now, once your design is created, the post you want to publish on your social media,


 Canva is one of the best online design tools because of its functionality, user-friendly interface, customizable options and hundreds of thousands of templates, images, and illustrations at your fingertips. As an entrepreneur, in a digital marketing world, or as someone who wants to make fun projects for personal use, Canva allows you to cut down on your design time while staying on brand and produce quality, eye-catching graphics that will help elevate your brand and business.

Not only is Canva great for digital marketing and social media, but it's also a wonderful tool for personal use with invitations, postcards, photo books, and more. No matter what you use Canva for, this platform makes creating graphics in no time incredibly easy and fun.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel limited by the Canva version you currently have, we recommend investing in the top tier, you can always go back easily if you find it was not worth it.

You can add and edit images, change typography, use design templates, create presentations, logos, or animations.

Yes, and shipping is free. But please note that this service is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

Sawab Allaladé

Sawab A, is the co-founder and Managing Partner at OSHARA. He is passionate about Branding and Marketing and he helps businesses grow their brand and reach new heights of success using simple but efficient web technologies and digital marketing. His expertise and ability to listen and execute bring an added value to any team.

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