Artificial Intelligence: The Deemed Cause of Business Success in Entire World

Artificial Intelligence: The Deemed Cause of Business Success in Entire World

by Joe Shara on 7/12/2018

Updated at 8/02/2023

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. It is a kind of knowledge which is different from the natural intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which is devoted to the production of computers or machines which are as bright as human beings. In computer science, artificial intelligence is often defined as the study of intelligent agents. In lay man’s language, artificial intelligence refers to a situation where an inanimate being assumed the function of human being. For example, use of robots to provide security in firms.

Today artificial intelligence has taken a significant part in our technology. However, the main problem of coming up with artificially intelligent components involves programming traits such as

  • Reasoning
  • Perception
  • Planning
  • Knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to manipulate and move objects

Engineering of expertise is one of the core parts of artificial knowledge research.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence has remarkable gain momentum in the innovation of new machines. The newly invented artificial devices can simple, complex processes and calculation. Moreover, with the new invention, the machines can handle different complex protocols.

Type One Artificial Intelligence: Reactive Machines

This is basic are essential kind of artificial intelligence machines. They cannot keep the memory of the experience. They cannot use past experiences to inform current decision. Example of such devices include IBM chess, Deep Blue, etc.

Limited Memory Ai

This is the kind of artificial intelligence machines that are used in driving a Cars-Self-driving car. The software can detect and record the movement of other vehicles. The software has static data such as traffic right, road marks, any curve within the road are fed on the machines. This protocol helps the autonomous vehicle from being hit by another car or catch the blocks. In self-driven cars, an Artificial Intelligent machine takes around 100 seconds to execute a nice judgment.

Theory of the Mind Artificial Intelligence

This is very advanced technology. This is a artificially intelligent machines that have been developed in designing such that they can mimic the human brain. They mimic things in the world that can perceive emotions which influence their behaviors. This artificially intelligent machines has not been fully developed in the world. According to the experts of Artificial Intelligent machines, the best way to make a remarkable move in this sector is to come up with robots that can detect eye and facial movement.

Self-aware Artificial Intelligent Machines

Self-aware artificial intelligent machines are a subset or supplement of Theory of the mind artificial intelligent machines. This kind of artificially intelligent machines have not been developed yet; they are just framed in the minds of artificial intelligent experts. This machines will come in such a way that they will assume human in such that they can put protocols for execution in a queue, they will have emotion, attention spans and they will be able to depict self-driven reactions.

Artificial General Intelligent

It is also called strong intelligent; this is because the artificial intelligence used here are similar to human knowledge. Most of the robots use Artificial Narrow intelligence. However, a few artificial intelligences use Artificial General intelligence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

This is the most used artificial intelligence technology in our daily life. This technology is found in smartphones such as Siri and Cortana. These smartphones help the user to respond to the problem upon request. Artificial narrow intelligent is also known as weak artificial intelligence.

Artificial Superhuman Intelligence

These are artificial intelligent machines that can do everything that is done by a normal human being. Alpha 2 was the artificial superhuman intelligent to be developed. The robots can operate some chores in your home and can also manage your home. They can tell you about the weather conditions and other fascinating stories.


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Importance of Artificial Intelligence

  • Predict and forecast sales
  • Enhance and tune sensors
  • Reduce manufacturing errors
  • Automate processes
  • Improve conversions
  • Detect anomalies
  • Manage inventory intelligently

Roles of Artificial Intelligence

Apart from creating sophisticated robots which feature in favorite movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars. Although there has a significant increase in the development of complex intellectual machines, the level of technology can equal the mind-blowing android technology-which has transformed our day-to-day life.

Although we may not have robots or humanoid teaching students in colleges and universities, there are intellectual programs that have helped both students and teachers in education.

Finance Analyst

In the University of Ohio, an artificial intelligence machine was developed; this is a prediction of a personal device which will be able to handle financial calculation. According to the experts, the computer will buy the ideas and technology used in google analytics. This machine is expected to be able to read financial databases and use the information in business forecasting and future planning. This is a machine that can be built with the right programming skills. The software can also be used to advise business people on the right steps to take.

Help Desk

Another invention in computer science is the development of the help desk. May as you surf through the internet you have ever come across a pop-up window that requests you to key in some data to be directed to a certain website. This is what we call the help desk.

It would be fascinating if the artificial intelligence unit can incorporate audio in the help desk system as most of the companies are already using the help desk system. Coming up with such human machine would help the business to save on operation cost as help centers, help desks and call centers would be a thing of past.

Market Research

The use of artificial intelligence has influenced all kinds of business fields. These fields include finance, marketing, accounting, procurements and other inventories. Using the data of previous sales, artificial intelligence can play a major role in predicting future business orientation.

Elements of Artificial Intelligence

There are many elements of artificial intelligence. However, the relevance of this elements depends on the content. These elements include:

  • Problem-solving protocols, this deals with solving of mathematical calculations, problem satisfaction;
  • Reasoning and planning elements;
  • Decision making and probabilistic graphical modelling;
  • Feature learning elements this includes probability neutral network and ML algorithms;
  • Communication, perception- parsing of information from one protocol to the other.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Being in Job Sectors?

Artificial Intelligence technology is drastically growing with a new invention each year. This progression is taking many aspects of the jobs, and therefore there will be an increase in unemployment. This means that if 100% of jobs will be occupied by artificial intelligence, then the human will not have work to do. Fortunately, a human must not work for a living. A sophisticated machine can be designed to work for the man. However, I can’t figure out how the world would look like if a human doesn’t have to do anything. It would be a boring world. Sometimes challenges make life sweater and lively. Technology has taken a great part of jobs. People have forgotten about ethics issues and nature. Though we are advancing in technology, it is good to maintain integrity and humanity. For example, in recent past we have an invention of Samantha, this is disgusting as men are deemed to have mutual sex with women and not with robots. No matter how much a robot may be developed it can’t substitute human–being.

No Employment Equals no Spending

As the invention of human chines increases the job market for human will shrink. The fact is that at one point of life artificial intelligent machine will reduce human employment. For example, with the massive invention of artificial.

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning refers to the use of mathematical models and algorithms the computers and other artificial intelligent machine use to improve their efficiency and performance 9n execution of commands. In simple words, machine learning refers to the art of making a machine such as a computer to learn just like a human being are taught new ideas in schools. Machine learning is done by feeding computers with information or data in the form of real-world situation or interaction and observations. This definition encapsulates the ultimate goal of machine learning in researches and many other fields such as business and law. According to Stanford University, “machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being programmed. According to the University of Washington, machine learning can fathom how to deal with essential tasks by the use of simple algorithms.

Basic Concepts in Machine Learning

There are many types of the machine learning algorithm. These algorithms are either classified by the learning style (unsupervised learning, supervised learning and semi-supervised learning). The other concept used in machine learning is the similarity in function. (Under this category machine learning can be categorized under the following classes, decision tree, classification deep learning, clustering and regression). The following are the machine learning algorithm.

Representation, this refers to a set of languages that can be understood by a computer. Evaluation: this relates to scrolling of objective function in a machine learning. Optimization: this refers to the searching methods used in machine learning.

Which of the major tech firms is winning the AI race?

Many companies deal with the production of artificial learning machines. However, in this article, I am going to outline the renown companies in the field of artificial learning. The three giant companies in the fields of artificial intelligence include the following, Microsoft (MSFT) and CRM or computer software giant sales force.

The other big artificial intelligent companies include:

  • Argo AI-$1B
  • Acorn $486.3M
  • Soundhound $215m
  • Sense time $1.6B
  • Toutiao-3.1B

Which countries are leadinh the way in AI

There fast growth of artificial intelligent companies is not something which is not unheard off in the current world. From the 2010 artificial intelligence has grown at a compounded rate of around sixty percent. Our big question is who are the leading countries who have facilitated for the fast growth of artificial intelligence. To make our future projections onto the level of artificial intelligence growth, we need to point out the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence. These countries include China, the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany.

China is one of the leading counties in the production of artificial intelligence products. In the period between the year 2011 and 2015 china produced 41,000 papers on artificial intelligence machines which twofold the documents presented by united states of America. Today Chinese are planning to be the leading company in the production of artificial intelligence machines. The success of China in becoming the world’s leading brand in artificial intelligence is closely linked to the fact Chinese government is giving artificial intelligence department solid support.

Effects of artificial intelligence on the world

There are three ways through which artificial intelligence can change the world, the first way through which artificial intelligence affect the world is through causing unemployment. Most of the people are terrified at the fact that there is the development of robots which can take human jobs and either directly or indirectly destroy the human being. AI has also lead to improvement in the field of medicine (precision medicine).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Reasoning 2- Perception 3- Planning 4- Knowledge 5- Problem solving 6- Ability to manipulate and move objects 7- Expertise engineering is one of the key parts of artificial knowledge research.

1- Predict and forecast sales 2- Improve and tune sensors 3- Reduce manufacturing errors 4- Automate processes 5- Improve conversions 6- Detect anomalies 7- Manage inventory intelligently

1- Problem solving protocols, which deal with solving mathematical calculations, satisfying problems. 2- Reasoning and planning elements. 3- Decision making and probabilistic graphical modeling. 4- Feature learning elements, which include probability neutral network and ML algorithms. 5- Communication, perception - syntactic analysis of information from one protocol to another.

- Argo ai-$1b - Acorn $486.3m - Soundhound $215m - Sense time $1.6b - Toutiao-$3.1b

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