Application Programming Interface (API): The Long-sought Communication Protocol

Application Programming Interface (API): The Long-sought Communication Protocol

by Joe Shara on 29/11/2018

Updated at 27/01/2023

Application Programming Interface: The Long-sought Communication Protocol

The application programming interface (API) is one of the most commonly used acronyms. The acronym is used in many places such as in enterprise java code, rails web app and in command-line tools. In case you want to avoid an Application programming interface, you will have to write every single line code from scratch. This is can be done in custom API development.

However, even if you write every single code from scratch, you will still find yourself interacting with Application programming interface because well-designed business software must contain application programming interfaces to make the component of the web API more reusable and to help organize the codes.

In other words,application program interface is a combination of a specification of interactions with the Android API. To have a deeper understanding of Application Programming Interface, I would like us to have a look at the following analogy. For example, if a vehicle was automation Android software, its application programming interface would include, braking system, acceleration system and the ability to turn on and off the radio. It would also contain information like how to decelerate your vehicle-place your foot on brake pedal and push. Generally, the application programming interface is defined by the information about “how” and “what” of the software, which is abstract and separate from the Android software itself. Application Programming Interface is an IOS that allows two custom web applications to communicate to one another. To bring you to a clear understanding of what an API is I would like you to reflect on the moments when you send instant messages on Facebook and twitter. All this android software is application programming interface.

In computer programming, application programming interface is a set of communication protocols, subroutine definitions, and other building tools for the software. In essence, application programming interface refers to a set of well-designed communication methods among the various components of software.

Importance of Application Programming Interface

API is one of the major elements of cloud service. The elements of cloud services are highly effective in services like cloud data storage, project management, and other cloud needs. Generally, the Application Programming interface is like oxygen for cloud service. Without well-defined Application Programming Interface, the cloud services will not work as expected. An application Programming interface may be for a database system, computer hardware, web-based system, software library, and operating system.

Another important analogy to describe Application Programming Interface is to say that API is like the glue of cloud computing. That is why it is prudent to choose an effective Application programming interface for your business. If you rush in choosing your API you may end up with an API that cannot integrate your business processes. This can cost you a fortune.

Cloud Computing

Application programming interface plays a crucial role in cloud computing. This makes the platform to become more extensible. They also aid in directing the management of the platform security. An effect application programming interface plays major roles in interoperability, integration and ensuring compliance. This makes an analysis of data an easier task. It is also cost effective and saves time.

A good application programming interface developer knows the importance of ensuring that all the important custom API development protocols are put in place, overlooking at such important factors would cost the business fortune- bring down big businesses. For example, in some instances even big companies like Google can make such mistakes. Googles launched Google Buzz and Google Latitude, however, they did not incorporate API in their software, hence people noticed the loop and left.

Integration with other business

Today big, small and mid-sized organizations are operating their businesses using different software. For example, you may have one department being run by CRM software, and the second department may accounting department may run ERP software. The need to tie all the department of the business calls for the integration of API software in the business to connect all the business protocols. The better the API software, the more efficient it will be to create stable communication in your business. This is a wonderful business strategy.

In most cases the user interface for API software is different. The business development software may be sophisticated and complex for employees to run the software comfortably. You may find that some of your employees find it difficult to operate some specific tasks.

In your company, you may find that the process that you carry out requires time entry. However, the software that you use in the company cannot allow you to key in time easily. Your IOS API may be having all the necessary tools to key in important data; however, you find that performing this task is not all that easy. Well-written API software can help you in solving the problem. It provides you with the tools to design your interface to suit your business. In simple steps, a couple of ugly screens are redesigned into an interface that your employees will enjoy working with.

Engage your Vendors and Customers

Perhaps your entire business is run by the application programming interface. In most cases, the next important step to take for your business is to allow your customers and vendors to interact with your data in order to optimize the services rendered. It is possible to include your clients and vendors into your business by the use of well-written effective Application Programming software. With good API software, you can extend some of your services to a web with total confidence that you will be able to achieve what you are looking for.

For example, some companies have an extensive customer membership plan in which customers are allowed to take part in the running of the company. The software used in these organizations provides ways to view membership plans and to make a purchase. However, the service may not be flexible and able to serve all the expected needs. With the help of API software, we can create standalone software with our customer in mind.

Purchasing a well-written Application Programming Software gives you an advantage of redesigning your interface without any added expenditure into your business.


Application Programming Interface software is very important in the business as they allow for faster innovation. API helps to minimize barriers to change and customers, suppliers, Vendors, and employees can contribute to the success of the organization. API help the organization to create better goods and services which will enable the business to stand out in competition; having different platforms means that the company has a large market share and can make more sales. According to reading Write, any platform that is in the business of advertising should engage in the use of API software.

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The future

API software has the ability to transform the future of business. If we look at the traditional methods of running a business, you will notice that in old days, people used to rely on paperwork and large sales force which was a time-consuming, expensive and outdated method of running a business. These methods of business operation are becoming less sustainable as days fleet by. Most of the future-thinking business is transforming their sales and management protocols by use of software which can be easily linked by Application Programming Software.

According to Forbes magazine, by the use of internet of things, it is easy to see the influence of Application Programming Interface in the growth of software technology. API can help organizations to develop product strategy for the internet of devices.

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According to Application Programming Interface (API) academy, there are several reasons that support that a firm like yours should consider the use of API software in its operations. API software offers the following benefits:

  • Increased revenue
  • Support marketing and sales activities
  • Extend value and customers reach
  • Stimulate technical and business innovation
  • Ease integration of applications and backend data

Generally, Application Programming interface software offers business with an opportunity to foster innovation scales business to different levels and reach a wider market and audience. According to Forbes, the ability of a business to make losses or profits majorly depends on how the organization connects to the external party app. Thus why, regardless of the size of your company you ought to adopt API software for your company.

Elements of API

To ensure that your Application Programming interface software performs optimally you need to check API tools that provide micro-services for better and easier documentation. Good examples of such tools are RAML, Swagger and API Blueprint. In a few minutes, I would like us to see what this tool due to API software.

A swagger is an API tool that helps in easing interactive documentation. Application programming Interface building tools work perfectly with a swagger in streamlining documentation process. Swaggers provide an interactive platform where the software developer can code the Application Programming Interface. On the other hand, RAML provides the Application Programming Interface software.

Types of Application Programming Software

There are many typesof Application Programming Interface. The API software may be classified based on their function. In some instances, people confuse ABI with API. The difference between the two is that ABI is binary based software where API is source code based software.

Remote APIs

Remote APIs allow the business owners to remotely manage their businesses through software protocols. Remote API is built in such a way that it always that it allows various technologies to work together. For example, Java API allows software developers to run various databases with the same set of functional specificity.


Web API is another group of API in which business interactions occur between applications and the enterprise. It is also an SLA, which functions to expose the URL for its application programming interface user. In the context of web development, API is defined as a set of organized specifications.

Hardware Application Programming Interface

Hardware APIs are crafted to allow for manipulation of pieces of hardware in a certain appliance. This hardware includes PCI buses, Hard disk drives, and video acceleration drivers.

Object Remoting Application Programming Interface

This kind of Application program interface use specific remoting tools such as Common Object Request Broker Architecture, they implement local proxy objects and then duplicate the protocol to the remote object.

Classification of APIs:

Web Service APIs





Web Socket APIs

Library-Based APIs



Class-Based APIs (object orientation)

Java API

Android API

OS functional and Routines

Access to file system

Access to user interface

Object remoting APIs

Net Remoting


Communication Between Services

For the last few decades, I have been studying methods that can enable easy communication between services. Many companies make constant lose because they are not able to sustain effective communication within the business. As the business becomes larger the organization tends to employ different software to ease the running of the company. However, if the integrated software don does not communicate with each other, the company may be unable to accomplish its intended goals. Therefore, the companies need to explore the use of API which is very useful in linking the company software.


At some instance, people tend to think that they can run every part of the business. No matter how bright you are, you cannot command a monopoly of knowledge. Maybe your business is making huge losses because you ignored the fact that you needed a software developer to guide you in choosing the best API for your businesses. In other cases, you might have hired an incompetent software development company or IOS to manage your technology.

Our web agency consists of different Android API specialists who have great knowledge in managing and integrating API software. Please don't hesitate to get help and contact our web agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Remote API - Web API - Hardware application programming interface - Remote communication tools application programming interface

Application Programming Interface (API) is one of the most used acronyms. This acronym is used in many places, including enterprise Java code, Rail’s web applications, and command line tools.

Cloud services is a term in computer science that is defined by the services of a client's data processing modes, which are operated through the internet, in the form of services provided by a provider. You may be more familiar with the term "cloud computing" or "cloud services".

1- Increased revenue 2- Support for marketing and sales activities 3- Extend customer value and reach 4- Stimulate technical and business innovation 5- Facilitate back-end application and data integration

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