8 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Website

8 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Website

by Joe Shara on 21/05/2018

Updated at 27/03/2023

With the advent of social networks, we are often asked about the relevance of having a Website. Many still today underestimate the power of such a tool in a communication strategy. So, we want to share with you some important reasons why you should consider investing in a website.

1- Your visibility, reassures your customers.

Today, consumers have radically changed their behavior in the acquisition of a good or a service. According to a GooGle study in collaboration with Ipsos , 90% of Internet users will collect information before finalizing a purchase in the store or online. Therefore a lack of online presence, might frustrate customers in their search habits, and quickly turn to one of your competitors which already have an online reputation.

By presenting the activity of your company on the internet, not only you increase your visibility while reassuring your customers. Do you usually buy from a company where it is impossible to contact? No address, no email, no phone number. Hard to trust.

In addition, a second study from Forrester claims that 90% of consumers value the recommendations of other users. It is therefore useful to be present on the Yellow Pages , Google Maps and review sites such as Yelp to collect the experiences and feelings of your customers, but also to convince them of your professionalism.

2- A permanent demarcation

Small Businesses with an effective online presence have understood the opportunity to capture customers. According to the first study, only 43% of trader's hold a website. It's an effective way to stand out and increase your visibility quickly. Everything is a matter of time, therefore the sooner your website is online, the sooner it will be listed on search browsers. This consequence inevitably leads to a greater chance that a user naturally crosses and find your website. Over time, with the publishing of your content, you will gain experience and learn how to improve your messages to maximize your visibility.

3- 24H/7

One of the great advantages of the Web is its access. The expansion and diversity of connected devices further facilitates Internet access, which has become universal throughout the world. With such accessibility, your business remains open to new business opportunities steadily.

If we take the example of e-commerce sites, they can sell their products at any time of the day, and no longer be restricted to the opening hours of the shop located in the city. This creates the opportunity to reach new customers. It is undeniable that, by investing in a website, you offer your customers instant and unlimited access to your various services.

4- A support facilitating interactions

With technical and technological innovations, it is now possible to enrich your website with options and web applications improving the consumer experience through new services. The interest of these tools is to facilitate interactions, communication, between businesses and their customers to access a quality relationship.

Below you will find a series of examples of elements that enhance the customer experience:

  • Integrate a page with FAQs and associated answers (FAQ).
  • A section to view and modify your schedules and availability.
  • A contact area to collect the identities and emails of your new customers.
  • Set up a Chabot type intuitive communication support.
  • Integrate a personal space intended for loyal customers to offer him services in line with his profile.
  • Develop a News page, to inform your customers of your projects and news.

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5- Analysis tools

In addition to improving your visibility, a website is a very good tool for analyzing data. Associated with Google Analytics , it analytically accumulates and analyzes many very specific information about your visitors. Thanks to this service offered by Google for free, you can know the profiles of the visitors. (Sex, age, personal interests ...) But also the duration of their presence on the pages, the bounce rate , the pages they appreciate the most, the location of visitors ... All these indicators, that can help you improve your approaches and understand the behavior of your targets in order to adjust your strategies. This wealth of qualitative information complemented by Google AdWords allows you to find important information on the market and its future trends not to be missed.

6- A tool to automate your business.

In addition to being an asset in your external communication, a website can be a real support internally. A website can be your ally in your everyday work. The diversity of applications can help and support you in your business by automating certain tasks.

In fact, delegating weekly or daily tasks, which can be time-consuming, to standalone software can save you a lot of time in developing new projects, or more lucrative activities for your business.

The second advantage of its automatisms is the coefficient of error which is very minimal, which makes it possible to guarantee a work and a service of quality.

Here are some things you can do to help your website:

  • Automate mails or emailing with Mailchimp.
  • Automation of invoices.
  • Alerts of performance indicators.
  • Security failure alerts.
  • Market your goods through an e-commerce site such as Magento , Presta-shop.
  • Automated inventory management system to quickly notice losses and out-of-stock.
  • Generate proposals based on your client's profile.
  • Automatically post your blog posts on social media via Hootsuite.
  • Making appointments.

7- Optimum security

As a result of numerous attacks and attempts to hack personal and financial data, many organizations, such as banks and governments, have invested heavily in the protection of Internet transactions.

t is MasterCard and Netscape that are at the origin of the Secure Socket Layer protocol allowing to encrypt the communications between a web server and a browser. This SSL certificate today is a standardized technology and commonly used to protect the consumer. It ensures confidentiality and prevents spying attempts. This security standard is visible via its HTTPS URL is a proof of authenticity for your customers, and will facilitate the establishment of trust. If you want to increase this level of security for free, you can use Google Search Console. Or install pay firewall, provided online by security experts as Sucuri.net.

8- A profitable investment.

Of course, designing a website takes time and money. But unlike advertising, radio, television or print, it's a profitable investment over time.

As mentioned earlier, thanks to a website, you can measure your traffic. As a result, you can accurately measure the return on investment. We can say that it is long-term investment, because if it is properly powered it will last forever.

It is not like a promotion that is distributed for a specific event. A website, with a good SEO, offers a very good value for money compared to some advertising mediums.

In general, a website, has the best value for money and the most cost-effective in terms of communication.


Clearly, a website is a technological advancement that is important because it erases a multitude of boundaries to give you access to a variety of possibilities and opportunity that might surprise you and boost your activity.

If you need help with developing your website don't hesitate to contact our web development agency. We run the best custom web development agency in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your visibility reassures your customers. 2. It is a permanent demarcation 3. Online 24H/24H & 7D/7D 4. It facilitates interactions 5. A good analysis tools 6. A tool to automate your business 7. An optimal security 8. A profitable investment

1. Sending mails or emailing with Mailchimp. 2. Automation of invoices. 3. Performance indicator alerts. 4. Security failure alerts. 5. Market your goods through an E-commerce site. 6. Automated inventory management system. 7. Generate proposals according to your customer's profile. 8. Automatically publish your blog posts on social networks via Hootsuite. 9. Make appointments.

- A page with frequently asked questions and related answers (FAQ). - A section to display and modify your schedules and availability. - A contact area to collect the identities and emails of your new customers. - An intuitive Chatbot-type communication support. - A personal space for your loyal customers to offer them services in line with their profile. - A News page, to inform your customers about your projects and news.

Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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