7 Reasons Why Fresh Content is King in SEO

by Christian Bagnimbo on 23/11/2020

Updated at 1/02/2023

When you think about SEO and how to improve it, a good analogy is to think about your website as a living organism, for example a plant. I know, it sounds strange. But it will help you immensely. So the more time and effort you invest in your website the bigger it grows. It grows bigger by climbing the ranks of Google search engine and by bringing you more visits and revenue. Now what’s the most important thing in plants? Watering right.

In this case it would be adding new content at least once a week, and updating the old article if there is a chance. Google notices this and bumps your website rank scores. This is the growth we are looking for. With time your website grows up so big that it starts to support itself. You have many different articles (on a few different topics I presume) that organically bring multiple visitors. Because they are connected with backlinking in a good way you keep your visitors longer which adds to your on site time/session, and so on… 

Now let’s see give you 7 Reasons why fresh content is essential in SEO:

1.Your followers will know that you are not dead

One of the most disappointing things for a website visitor is when he/she will notice that the article he reads is old. I mean you go to a website and you see an article from 3 years ago. You somehow think that maybe there is something new that happened in the meantime. 

So please try to constantly add new articles. Adding one article a week is a good practice, but there shouldn’t be less than 2 articles in a month. This way whenever someone visits your site they will know that you are still active and producing content. This mean that if you are making a product or offering a service they will be more likely to contact you.

2.Fresh content means frequent indexing

The more articles you put on your website, the more search engines index it. Let me explain this:

When you put an article on your website after some time "crawlers" - that is automatic search engines bots come and index your newest article. The more articles you put more frequently crawlers are sent to your site so it can stay updated.

Frequent indexing is giving you the edge over your competitors in the search engines. It means that you will come on top when searched for your products. Now it’s not just about updating your content and putting new one frequently but you should also write your articles distinctively and in depth because the crawlers can penalize you if you have repeating content and same keywords over and over again. 

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3.Google will notice you

When we talk about search engines of course Google is most important with 86% of searches. So naturally most of the searches for your product will come from there. Nobody exactly knows the Google ranking algorithm but one thing is sure, Google likes frequent updates and new content. One other thing is that articles with correct information that Google can crosscheck are ranked better. Also having visuals and images in your article and making it visually pleasing helps a lot. 

The main thing Googlebot is looking for when crawling is your frequency of putting new content. Best rank sites have almost always one new article per day, or at least 2-3 a week. So if you want to jump the top of the list on Google, you know what to do.

4.More links

More content also means more connectivity, that is more links that go outside your website and link to other quality content. At the same time more backlinks that go to your homepage and your connected articles. 

This creates a great ecosystem in which the visitor if he/she happens to like your content can spend more time on your website and get to know more of your content on different topics. It’s one of the best organic visits you can get that ultimately builds you as a brand and creates a cult following thirsty for your next article.

5.More keywords

Keywords are the other potent SEO ingredient. The more content you have you have more opportunities to put keywords. The density of the keywords and the keywords you use gives Google and other search engines the understanding of your content so they can match it with the search query.

So be sure to use tail-long three words keywords, for example 80s Pontiac cars or fresh Brazilian mango etc. These long keywords target your articles better and rank them higher when searched for. 

6.Your site becomes the “go to place”

If you are frequent enough in adding content and have a good SEO strategy it won't be long until you become the go to place for your niche. Humans like repetition and certainty, so if your posts are helpful and give exact information then before long you will be an authority in you field. 

We all have few sites that we frequently visit and love and it’s because we have come to trust them over time. We know they have a high standard for creating content and we will always find something new and exciting to learn. So if others can do it, why can't you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can write articles, add services or products, or fill your portfolio.

Choose keywords that repeat on your content, add internal and external links, keep up with Google's algorithm changes, increase your content quantity.

You can write articles with keywords that repeat on your content and add internal and external links, add services or products, or fill your portfolio. Do not forget to be aware of Google's algorithm changes.

Christian Bagnimbo

Christian is a project manager and SEO specialist for Oshara. A true geek and digital lover, he loves to share his passion for digital marketing, technology and everything that goes with it.

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