7 important technology resolutions for your business

7 important technology resolutions for your business

by Sawab Allaladé on 9/01/2020 |

Updated at 21/09/2021

7 technological resolutions

In 2020, one of the major challenges for all entrepreneurs and businesses is the decision to invest in technology. Information and communication technologies (ICT), if used properly, can be a game changer for your business. Indeed, new technologies (ICT) can increase productivity, sales, or even open new markets. Here are seven resolutions for your company to take full advantage of web, mobile and software technologies.

Ask for a report on your IT situation.

Do you know your company's current technology situation? Before investing in technology solutions relevant to your business, it is crucial to consult for a free audit report to find out where you stand on technology (IT):

How are your systems performing?

What operational, management or transactional difficulties do you encounter?

How could you improve your competitiveness with technology tools?

To decide which systems, you need to implement or improve to achieve your strategic objectives, you need to ask yourself these questions. Then it will be easier to make an action plan through a strict process of systems and suppliers’ selection. Moreover, this clear action plan for technology acquisition should accentuate your argument with financial partners in case you need a loan.

IT report

Establish a viable digital strategy

Here, there is no question of doing any semblance of planning. This step is critical to the success of your digital transformation.

In the case of a website, define unambiguously the objectives of your platform: Are they to inform customers? To sell your products? And how does your web presence fit into your overall business plan?

In the case of an application or software solution (website, web applications, mobile applications, custom software and packages), know what tasks you want to automate to increase the productivity of your team or what data you want to compile and whose results should be projected for quick, easy and accurate reading.

Whatever your situation, you need to create a clear digital and technological strategy that will allow you to turn your investments into sales and improve your return on investment.

Maximize your website's potential

Technology is also your website, which represents the most important virtual window of your company. Stand out from your competitors with a well-designed website that is integrated into your company's overall business strategy.

For example, you can make sure that your website is not overloaded with text and that your prospects do not need to scroll or click too much to find the information they are looking for. It is also a good practice to include your contact information in a clear and obvious way and a call to action on your website.

If you want your website to be at the top of Google search results, fill out this form and request your free consultation.

Invest in an integrated management system (ERP & CRM)

Many web tools and technology applications on the market today help you understand your customers more accurately and quickly so you can take advantage of sales opportunities.

These technology applications can also help you automate certain tasks while eliminating operational errors. But most importantly, these web and technology tools allow you to generate clear, intuitive reports to facilitate your business decisions.

Thanks to all these existing technologies, it is now easier and more efficient to federate all your customer data and to offer a personalized service in addition to guaranteeing a more efficient follow-up with your prospects.

Is the inefficient combination of several computer systems spread throughout your company giving you a hard time? Consider using an ERP system.

It's a versatile software package with modules that can handle everything from accounting to inventory to human resources, finance, and operations.

Management System Investissement

Discover productivity tools

Why not use tools to improve productivity? 

- Time and attendance software

- Inventory management systems

- Complete supply chain management systems.

- A custom web application developed for a specific need

Engage your employees

Involve your employees in the planning process and why not in some of the important decisions related to investment decisions in new technologies (NTIC) for your company.

It is interesting to include them at the beginning of the process to get the buy-in and to facilitate the use phase of the chosen solutions

Don't neglect your "Security"

In any technology environment, it is crucial to have security policies in place that include usage guidelines, passwords, security guidelines, software downloads, etc. Make sure that these security policies are adhered to within your organization, and regularly back up your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is timekeeping software, inventory management systems, complete supply chain management systems and web-based applications custom developed for a specific need.

It is a report that tells you how your systems are performing, what operational, management, or transactional challenges you are facing, and how you can improve your competitiveness with technology tools. Basically, it tells you where you stand technologically.

It tells you how your company plans to expand on the web. You need to know how to communicate your message, retain your customers, set your goals, analyze your results, and readjust your strategy.

There are web and technology tools that allow you to generate clear, intuitive reports to facilitate your business decisions. For example, you can use an integrated management system (ERP & CRM).

Sawab Allaladé

Sawab A, is the co-founder and Managing Partner at OSHARA. He is passionate about Branding and Marketing and he helps businesses grow their brand and reach new heights of success using simple but efficient web technologies and digital marketing. His expertise and ability to listen and execute bring an added value to any team.

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