6 Tips To Protect Yourself On The Internet

6 Tips To Protect Yourself On The Internet

by Joe Shara on 30/10/2017 |

Updated at 26/10/2020

Many of us who work in the Internet/Web Development business have this preoccupation with safety and privacy. People from other professions sometimes think we are pushing it too far, and that maybe we have become over protective of our websites and web applications.

But it takes just one malfunction, one little virus attack to destroy something build with years. So we must be really careful. Wise IT people always have a backup of their information, and also at least once a month test their security and t ry to figure out better security strategies. 

This is a good practice for anyone that is working or spending a lot of time online, you should always be careful with your online security and be selective about the pages you open. Also it's wise to not open suspicious mails or to click on suspicious links.

So let us share with you some useful info. 

6 simple tricks that should keep you safe on the Internet

  1. Never show your passwords to others - It may seem trivial, but you will be surprised at how common this rule can be unapplied. Your password is your key and the one who holds it will not always ask for your opinion to invite yourself in your private life.
  2. Use one password only per service. - It can be seen that many people tend, for reasons of memory or simplicity, to use the same password for several services. Apart from the advantage that it entails, the risks are much more important because it simplifies the task to the robots and hackers of the net.
  3. Change your passwords about once a month. - Although we do not all do this, consider that this action, although effective, is the one that would reassure you most. And it takes only a few minutes. You will also need to choose longer passwords of between 8 and 16 characters.
  4. Do not "CLICK" on anything or any link. - Our rule is really simple: "if you do not know, do not click". Also take the time to check the spelling and even search for information in Google or by directly typing the url of the site in the browser (the site of a bank for example).
  5. Never give your mother's maiden name in response to the control questions. - Remember that this information is very often used by financial institutions and credit agency.
  6. If you are using a ' password management application ', make sure you do not keep it active or activate the 'remember me' option. - Know that your best protection remains "YOUR GOOD MEMORY"

At OSHARA, we design our solutions according to these parameters in order to guarantee you peace of mind and above all to reassure your customers / Internet users about the protection of their personal information.
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Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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