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Updated at 9/02/2023

Images are an integral part of any website design not just for formality but plays a very important role in the success of the website. 65% of the world are visual learners and as such the importance of images cannot be overlooked.

When was the last time you saw a website without a single image? It's now rare like the blue moon. We humans are visual beings and as such attracted more to things we can see than what we hear. This doesn't mean just stocking your website with too much and unrelated images but with reasonable photos that can relay your message faster to visitors.

Images can be in different formats ranging from Photographs, Infographics, GIFs, cartoons or other visual elements. There are a lot of websites where you can get stock photos which can help you.

Note that images to be used must be of high quality as this is as important as the image itself. Having custom photos is always advisable but other stock photo websites are also trying to provide good photos with high quality too which can be used too.


So here are five reasons you should invest in photos on your website

  1. Images aid web design: Images make a website look good but using the right image is vital to your website. A website design that makes use of a good and quality image will catch a viewer's attention and get a desired response. An image doesn’t only describe your website but also draws the attention of visitors. A good website design can fall or rise depending on the quality and usage of images which is why its importance cannot be overlooked.

  1. Images improve and enhance SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) involves the use of keywords in your page and website. So your images title should be well labelled with one or more keywords when uploaded. Search engine bots do not read images but crawl through the image's file name, alt and title texts, and captions. Research has shown that users dwell more on an image-included-site than one without any image. It is true that images improve your SEO, but only if you respect some rules. Indeed, since images are sometimes too heavy, they slow down the loading time of your website when users visit it. Unfortunately, when the loading time of your website is significant, not only do you lose many customers who are a little impatient, but also Google will not promote your website to Internet users. All your SEO efforts will be slowed down because your images slow down the loading of your website. Hence the importance of compressing and optimizing your website images.
    How to compress and optimize your website images while improving your SEO?
    There are several websites that can help you do this effectively. We recommend the websites Imagify and Shortpixel. They help you compress your website's images to improve your SEO and are compatible with Wordpress as a plug-in.

    improve your SEO ranking

    1. Images help to introduce your message: As catchy as your image may be, you will do yourself a disadvantage if it doesn't preach the message of your page or website content. Images is the first thing a user notices and can help tell your message even when users skimp through contents. Images adds value and insights to your content.

    2. Images creates Emotional Connection: Images can mean a lot to different people. As the saying goes "an image is worth a thousand words", so is the importance of an image on your page or website. You can connect to the emotional part of your potential customers with a well selected photo. Knowing what you want or what your content entails, you can use an image or photo to grab your users attention and then stir up an emotion. Desire, want, love, happiness, etc can all be relayed through photos. You can tell that a lot as people spend a lot purchasing portraits that connects with them emotionally. This can be entrusted into your website too with the right use of image.

      the image creates emotion in your content

    3. Images show Professionalism: The right use of image to an amazing content portrays you as an authority in your niche and thereby posing a positive online presence of you to users and potential customers. Stop being boring! Start using creative, relative and quality photos.

    4. Images build Social Media Interest and Sharing: Depending on what your page or website entails, images can help your social media presence. Images are becoming the "universal language" as the fastest growing social networks are photo oriented like Facebook and Instagram. It is well known that image-induced posts get more engagement than plain texts as users are becoming increasingly visual.
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Frequently Asked Questions

YES! The title of your images must be well identified by one or more keywords when they are uploaded. Search engine robots do not read the images, but scan the image file name, alt and title texts, and captions.

Images can be in different formats, from photographs to computer graphics, GIFs, cartoons, or other visual elements.

It is always advisable to have custom photos, but other stock photo sites also strive to provide good, high-quality photos that can be used as well. Note that the images to be used should be of high quality as this is as important as the image itself.

Images are becoming the "universal language" as the fastest growing social networks are photo driven, such as Facebook and Instagram. It is well known that image-induced messages generate more interest than simple text, as users are becoming more visual.

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