Elisa G.

Elisa G is a chain of two (2) high-end local fashion boutiques for women in Montreal and Ottawa. They offer clothing and accessories. 


As they want to continue to offer their customers a unique shopping experience, the decision was made to do so using the web and its best technologies. Our role was to make the website from scratches. Not only was the goal to give a face to the website but also to add several features customized to their expectations. 


We are proud to have been able to offer a first class online store that not only improved the shopping experience and brand awareness, but also generated customer engagement.

With our team of custom web programming experts, we were able to create a site customized to the innovative and unique demands of our client. The interface is now capable of hosting thousands of different items while remaining clear and easy to use for all. The new site design we created allows the full potential of the brand to shine through. We were able to bring our client's ideas to life and create a site that looks more appealing to attract more customers. We also developed a custom application to synchronize the store's inventory from their existing point of sale to the inventory on their ecommerce.

Several programming languages were used to build this web solution. The administrator interface offers the company possibilities adapted to their needs in order to facilitate the management and increase their revenues.



Elisa G.


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