6 hacks to increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce

6 hacks to increase the conversion rate of an e-commerce

by Sawab Allaladé on 22/03/2022

Updated at 4/02/2023

Only 10 years ago, we were already talking about it as a solution that would transform the way we consume.

Over the past 5 years, the competition has intensified with the existence of the Amazon juggernaut which alone held almost 39% of the American market in 2020 according to the “emarketer”. 

We could dwell on the fascinating phenomenon, but that will be for another chronicle ;) . 

Today I pay particular attention to all those small traders who are just beginning to make the shift to e-commerce without necessarily all the support required to succeed online. 

Once you have passed the milestone of creating your online store , and you are ready to sell online, there is a critical measure to understand, follow in order to make the optimizations you will need to improve it. This measure is the “ Conversion Rate ” .

In the field of e-commerce or electronic commerce, the conversion rate is the measure (KPI) that determines the performance of your online sales. The conversion rate of your online store measures the ratio between visits and sessions on your e-commerce site and purchases made on it. The higher it is, the better your return will be and perhaps the faster you will be rich (laughs). 

1- Reduce loading time of your online store pages

53% of visitors quickly leave your site if it takes more than three seconds to load, Yes! 3 seconds! Can you imagine that in 2021, a 1% increase in the loading time of the Amazon site directly reduces its sales by 1%. 

It is therefore important and imperative if you want to succeed in selling online to optimize and maximize the performance of the pages of your e-commerce site to increase your conversion rate. 

2- Simplify your payment options for your customers

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than arriving at the payment page only to realize that the process is taking a long time to complete. In general, in this case, the customer could lose patience and simply leave your online store to satisfy his need at one of your competitors

When you sell online, make sure you integrate a simple and ideally universal payment system ( Stripe, Paypal, for example) in your online store to speed up the conversion process when your customer is ready to make a purchase.

3- Be transparent from the start 

If, like me, you've ever wanted to buy a product online and it's only when you reach the shopping cart total that you see undisclosed costs, or unfounded requirements for the intended purchase, you've probably abandoned the cart and left the said online store. 

Consumers are generally impatient and they know that there is a large supply of the same products that you sell on the internet. To succeed in increasing your conversion rate, you must therefore do everything possible to facilitate their decision-making and that requires total transparency from the first page of your online store. 

4- Show through the “Reviews” your credibility and the quality of your products. 

I obviously assume that your products are reliable and of high quality. If so, offer your customers the possibility of leaving reviews after purchases to indicate to future visitors that they can trust you and take action. 

It's only natural for the human mind to make a decision based on positive or negative reviews and if you really want to increase your conversion rate, you'll have to take that into account. As a famous saying goes, “The devil is in the details ”.

5- Invest in beautiful photos and videos for your products 

What catches the attention of visitors to your online store is the image you project. It's also what makes them want to engage with you by completing the purchase. If you want to be successful in increasing your conversion rate, and then make sure you take and showcase great photos of your products. As far as possible and if your budget allows it, also invest in videos, And tell yourself this, you can always use these photos in other digital channels and maintain consistency in your communication on new media and your brand image.

6- Communicate regularly and advertise online 

Your online store is your sales platform, but to maximize these and increase your conversion rate, you will need to use different types of media (paid, owned, earned media) to communicate and engage your audience. 

Regularly publish content on your social networks and advertise online using ( Google Ads , Facebook Ads services  ). 

At Oshara , we help business owners and organizations boost their sales and improve their online conversion rate. Our approach is personalized to your situation and we do everything to give you the best results from the start. 

Speak to one of our advisors to find out how we can pay for your first month of service. 

Sawab Allaladé

Sawab A, is the co-founder and Managing Partner at OSHARA. He is passionate about Branding and Marketing and he helps businesses grow their brand and reach new heights of success using simple but efficient web technologies and digital marketing. His expertise and ability to listen and execute bring an added value to any team.

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