Why use motion design in your web marketing strategy ?

par Alexandre Vincent le 4/10/2018 |

In the previous article we talked about the relevance of using video in your marketing strategies. Today we will go into more detail by talking about Motion Design.
With the ever more accessible democratization of digital creation tools like Adobe After Effect. It is now our responsibility to create custom Motion Design to illustrate our offer on the web. But what is a Motion Design video exactly?

It is simply an animated graphic production mixing video, 3D, text, sound, special effects, etc. This is a great way to create animated dynamic diagrams to best understand the users utility and interest of the product or service that you want to put forward. Advertisers are increasingly using this format for its interactive side and is more user-friendly.

What are the 3 advantages of motion design for your marketing strategy ?

Captivate thanks to the influence of the animated image

We live in an ever more connected world where images speak more to consumers than texts, especially among young people. This age group consumes an ever-increasing volume of images, be it on Facebook, Youtube or another social network, so do not take it lightly. Indeed, in the face of this frenzied consumption of videos, the viewers are more and more versatile and demanding. It is therefore very important to make your video captivating from the first seconds. How to do ?

It is therefore a question of making maximum use of the power of the image in a minimum time to get a message across. The motion design allows that.

Motion design optimizes your communication strategy in a highly competitive world. In addition, it is entirely up to you to create videos corporates or on the contrary very original. Because yes, with the motion design all styles are possible, cartoon, 3D, computer graphics, etc. If you add to that a dynamic and fluid writing, you have won everything.

According to this article by Dynamic-mag.com, 38% of French people said they went to the website of a brand to learn about its products before going to consume. This highlights the importance of having an online presence. Only the same problem applies. The attention to a website is hard to capture, motion design is a solution to create fast and effective presentations, which allows to keep the surfer longer on its website.

Stand out

All brands use advertising to gain notoriety, persuade, and sell their products. Obviously the competition is ruthless, and it does not hesitate to be present on all types of media whether physical or digital.

The motion design is a good solution to stand out by presenting its offer in a more fun way.

In addition, the motion designer will apply to use smart tags to optimize the SEO (SEO) of the website, and thus improve its traffic on the web.

Warning: this does not mean that we find the motion design only on the internet. TV spots, animated pubs that can be seen on screens in the street, all this is usually motion design.

Motion design is a true form of art (digital movement) put at the service of advertising. This practice nevertheless requires some expertise.


To conclude the motion design is a great way to pass ideas, and perform conversions.

The motion designers at Oshara are waiting for you to propose a project. Here is a video that should give you an idea of their expertise.

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Source : Dynamic Mag

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