Marketing and advertising no more confusions

par Sawab ALLALADÉ le 15/10/2017 |
We are often asked whether there is a difference between marketing and advertising.

What needs to be understood is that while marketing and advertising often go hand in hand, we can distinguish some important differences.
The confusion often lies in the idea that marketing consists essentially of advertising.

In reality advertising is one of the components of marketing and its particularity is to announce to the public and convince them to buy or use a product or service. The sole purpose of advertising is to promote the company's products and services. With this explanation, you see very well that Advertising is ultimately a tiny part of a gigantic discipline.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a process. It is able to meet customer needs by constituting a strategy through a series of actions whose advertising is part of it. Marketing focuses on the customer and seeks to seduce him by provoking emotions. Although its ultimate is to make a sale, a process of research and integration is very often necessary to achieve the expected results.

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