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par Sawab ALLALADÉ le 28/09/2017 |


By definition, a communication agency (marketing) is a company that plans and harmonizes internal and / or external communication on behalf of its clients.

There are essentially 2 types of Agencies:

- Global communication agencies that advise their clients in all their communication both in advertising and in direct marketing.
- Specialized communication agencies that have expertise in several fields (advertising, media, web, marketing, print, public relations, and events. They are very often requested and used by global agencies.

While internal communication aims to federate staff around the objectives of the company, external communication, aims to promote the image (brand) of the organization to the targeted audience.

However, regardless of the form of communication used, the challenge for any agency is to identify and then understand it customers situation in order to address them and tailor effective solutions to them.

At OSHARA Inc., we are a creative agency specialized and our efficient process can be summarized in 6 points:

1. Rapid understanding of the client's situation
2. Integration of the latter into a series of parameters: the sector of activity, the objectives, the competition, the budget, etc.
3. Study and proposal of an adequate communication strategy
4. Presentation of a communication plan and / or a technological and digital solution
5. Implementation of this solution after validation by the client
6. Monitoring and measuring performance of actions undertaken.
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