Web App Development

We design and build smart web applications and software that help your business grow

Web app development is our core skill. Our team of web gurus and developers can help you develop any web application using any kind of programming language like Python, PHP, Java, .NET and many others. In fact, We build smart apps that solve your biggest challenges

Oshara is a web application development company focused on changing the way our clients think about the web. We create apps that are business-driven, user-focused, and highly sophisticated. We create business-driven, user-focused web and mobile apps for companies of all sizes.

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Frontend Development

We keep up with the latest visual and ergonomic front-end development trends to ensure that your web application or software are not only interactive but also stylish, intuitive with a good user experience.

Our technologies include the language and techniques such as the HTML5, Ajax, Javascript, VueJS, AngularJs, NodeJs and more. We also use powerful frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, Meteors and more.

Backend Development

At Oshara, we tend to define the backend development tools we use base to the requirements of your business. This ensure the web development of a healthy and long-lasting system regardless of the technology used. To ensure convenient further management, we also provide you with customization as well as the web development of the appropriate custom management process.

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Custom web app Solutions

As we leverage our inter-industrial experiences as well as our strong business analysis competencies, we tailor web solutions to your individual unique needs. Our approach takes all aspects of your business into consideration. We use high-fidelity, interactive prototypes to establish design and usability standards before we write a line of code

Database Development

Even if you already have the database and all you require is integration, or also if you cannot decide on the initial database of your applications, we are still here and ready to assist you. We work with almost all the famous SQL and NoSQL databases like Oracle, Mysql, Mongo DB and many others.

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