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Looking to create the perfect logo to represent your brand? Oshara will create a custom logo that meets your expectations and budget.

Did you know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words? That's why most companies choose a visual brand logo. In an era when consumers come across multiple ads every day, know how to differentiate yourself from the competition. Trust Oshara for your creative logo that reveals more about your company.

What are the impacts of a logo?

The logo you choose is a crucial step in representing your company to the public. Your logo becomes the image of your brand. Your logo should communicate your brand identity in a professional and credible manner. A quality logo is unique to you, consistent with your business and helps you boost sales and customer loyalty. It is usually the first thing your customers will remember about your company; consumers use it to differentiate you from the competition but also to understand you.

Designing your logo is an important creative process to successfully position your brand and contribute to the success of your business.

Whether you're looking to hire Oshara to complete your brand image, redesign your logo, or amplify your visual identity, the Oshara team is ready to take on the challenge.

The process of creating your logo at Oshara:

At Oshara, we have the right creative team of designers for you. They bring your imagination to life by creating a logo that represents you and sets you apart from your competition.

Our process is simple and can be summarized in these four (4) steps:

1- Discovery and analysis

This is the step where we make sure we understand your vision and your company's mission to successfully translate them graphically in the next step. We also take this opportunity to analyze your market and define the visual direction of your logo creation.

2- Sketches and designs

Our designers are excellent graphists, and this is one of our real strengths. You stay in control of your project by having the possibility to choose among three completely different prototypes, the logo that suits you the best.

3- Digital creation of the logo

At this stage, we proceed with the creation of the logo you have chosen using the best digital logo design tools, such as Adobe Illustrator. Your final logo is then refined, and we make the rendering that you can approve in the last step.

4- Validation and delivery of the final logo

The creation of your logo is now completed and once approved; we send you the logo files that you will need. This includes, without exclusion, all the source files in high resolution as well as the versions required for the Web. The next logical step, if you wish, is the creation of your website.

Oshara creates your logo according to your ideas:

It can be difficult to know how to best represent your brand, plus it takes time and money. That's why Oshara supports you, ensuring that you get the logo you want. Take the worry out of the complex creative process and focus on your customers by letting the Oshara team guide you.

Oshara seeks to enhance your brand by advising you and meeting your expectations. We adapt to the size of your company and your industry to provide you with the best solutions. You benefit from a custom logo and a high-quality experience while respecting your budget.

We are always listening to your needs and expectations to adapt to your project and be consistent with your brand. We will update you on the progress of your logo and ask you to make the final decision.

Take a chance, choose Oshara:

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The creation of a logo can cost between a few hundred euros or Canadian dollars to several thousand. There are different ways to get a logo created, but it is without a doubt the creation of a logo by graphic designers that will get you the gem. At Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, we are equipped with graphic designers, designers and software that can create a logo that illustrates your brand to perfection. We make sure we align with your needs and ideas while respecting your budget. So, contact us today to have your logo created by the specialists at Oshara.

Logo design can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the details you want to include in the design. The time to create a logo can be reduced if you use software that generates logos automatically, but the result will obviously not be the same. At Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, we offer you several prototypes so that you can choose the one you like the most, then we improve it to be faithful to your expectations. So, contact us today for your custom logo design by the specialists at Oshara.

By entrusting the creation of your logo to our experts you will benefit from the best advantages of the pro software we have. You will get more creative and detailed results by using our agency as well as a better quality. The Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, adapts to your budget and frees you from the complex task of creating your logo. Whether you have a specific idea, need creative advice or no idea at all, we are here to create a logo that represents you. So, don't hesitate to contact us now for the creation of your logo.

A logo represents the image of your brand. It's what your customers see first, what they remember about you, it's like the first impression you give to the public about your company. Moreover, it is also the image of your brand that is conveyed by your logo, and therefore what differentiates you from other competing businesses. As you can see, a logo is extremely important for a brand, hence the fact that you should not take this step lightly. It is an opportunity to show the full potential of your business and to communicate your products or services.

Indeed, Oshara Inc. is a web agency based in Montreal that improves or creates logos. There are many reasons to improve your logo and maybe this is your case. If your logo is outdated, doesn't represent your brand well or your competitor is gaining customers but you're not, it may be time to update your logo. Give your logo a makeover with Oshara and become more recognizable than ever. Stay competitive and maintain a current brand image starting with your logo. The best solution is to make small improvements on a regular basis so that your customers are not confused. So, act today and contact Oshara Inc.

A logo is not something that you want to renew too often but should be kept up to date to illustrate you properly. There are several reasons why your logo should not change too often, the most obvious being that your customers will no longer recognize you, and you may lose some of them. That said, if you want to update your brand image, or change your brand image, you need to improve your logo. Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, will adapt to your budget, and create or improve your logo according to your objective.

The main software used by our graphic design team is Adobe Illustrator. It is a very powerful tool that our experts know how to use in a very advanced way in order to bring to life any creative idea you have. This application is a vector graphics editor but also a design program that has been developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. We are equipped with the latest version available to be able to offer you the best quality. Our graphic designers know and can also use other tools if they feel the need. Adobe Illustrator has been considered the best graphic editing program.

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