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Looking to target new customers instantly and effectively on Google? Oshara helps you create and manage your Google Ads.

Did you know that 66% of consumers ready to buy click on Google Ads? In an era of record-breaking online shopping, it's time for your business to use Google Ads. Take the opportunity today and trust Oshara to create and manage your Google Ads. Our agency will work with you to optimize your campaign while respecting your budget.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads makes the offers that your website proposes appear first on the Google search page when a potential customer makes a search related to your product or service. It is a paid online advertising campaign for which you are charged per click. This requires an advertising budget defined according to your means and your objectives. Letting a specialized advertising agency manage your company's Google Ads guarantees better results by reaching more consumers when they decide to buy.

Why use Google Ads for your business?

Using Google Ads as an additional marketing tool for your business allows you to:

  • Reach your targeted customers: Customers who are looking for a product or service like the one you offer will see your website among the first ones when they search. Therefore, only customers who are already interested in your business will click on your website.
  • Be flexible: You can change or stop your campaign at any time. Your budget, targeted demographic, targeted region(s) can be adjusted at any time during your advertising campaign. You pay when someone clicks on your Google Ads (CPC) and you can set your daily budget.
  • Be more profitable: Google Ads are known to be a very good investment because they are very profitable. We talk about ROI (return on investment). When they are successful and with a little time to adapt, Google Ads campaigns bring you more than what you invested in them.
  • Be faster: As soon as your Google Ads campaign is launched, for each keyword searched by a consumer, your website will appear in the first ones. This guarantees the effectiveness of your advertising.
  • Know your customers: Currently, businesses understand the value of data. Google provides you with a lot of data about your customers and their searches. This information is valuable to better target them and increase sales.

Seize the opportunity and choose Oshara to manage your Google Ads:

Currently, without using Google Ads, enter the name of one of your services or products on Google and watch the results. You can certainly see that your competitors' websites appear first because they use Google Ads. This is normal because more and more companies are investing in advertising on Google which is the essential search engine in the buying process of any modern consumer.

By managing your Google Ads for you, Oshara helps you boost your sales by increasing your online traffic and visibility, and therefore your revenues. By entrusting us with the management of your Google Ads, you will benefit from a high-quality service, no matter what your budget is.

Not only will your business be promoted, but your business will grow, and your customer list will expand instantly. In the immediate future, your brand will receive more exposure to potential consumers, putting you at the heart of a new network.

Oshara helps you launch your Google Ads campaign:

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the complex advertising process that Google Ads offers, worry no more. The Oshara team is here to guide you and take the work off your hands, allowing you to focus more on your customers. Deciding to embark on an online advertising campaign takes time and money. To make sure you don't miss out and get the best results in the shortest possible time, contact our specialists. With our expertise in the field and our adaptability to Google's algorithm changes, you'll be one step ahead of your competitors.

Oshara provides you with a team of online advertising and digital marketing professionals to provide you with the best experience and to make your website stand out from the competition. 

Our agency works with you to determine your goals and implement the best marketing strategies to improve your results through Google Ads. We adapt to the size of your company and your industry to offer you the best strategies and advise you on the options available to you. You'll get a custom online advertising campaign and a high-quality experience while staying within your budget.

Oshara will assist you in the creation, use and monitoring of your Google Ads campaign. We are always listening to your needs and expectations to adapt to your project and be consistent with your brand image. We update you on the progress of your Google Ads campaign and ask you to make the final decisions.

Put all the chances on your side, choose Oshara:

Launching a campaign with Oshara means working with Google Ads experts to exceed your business goals.

Contact Oshara today, a Montreal-based agency specialized in online advertising and marketing. 

Let’s talk about your web with a free consultation.


Google advertising campaigns have many advantages. Among them, we find that Google Ads are among the most profitable of the market. The return on investment is therefore unprecedented. They also offer advanced parameters that allow to target potential customers precisely. Moreover, Google is the most used search engine in the world and therefore gives you an extreme visibility in the market you are targeting. It is also a very interesting tool for merchants because it shows you a lot of data about the people who have seen your ads or clicked on them.

Launching an advertising campaign on Google is not always an easy task, especially if you are just starting out. Perhaps you have already tried to use Google Ads yourself without getting the results you expected. However, by using our Google advertising experts at Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, you will get much better results much faster. We adapt to your business and its product or service to ensure the success of your Google advertising campaign. We study the market and target your potential customers while respecting your budget. So, act today and contact us.

By entrusting your Google advertising campaign to our experts, you choose the simplest and most effective method for you. You'll get faster results from our agency and better performance. Your return on investment will be much higher because we have a lot of experience in this field. Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, adapts to your budget and frees you from the complex task of a Google advertising campaign, so don't hesitate to contact us. Choosing Oshara means saving time to take care of your customers and be sure to stay competitive on the web.

The process of creating a Google Ads campaign can be quick. However, the preparation time varies depending on what we need to study in order to create a successful campaign. We need to know in advance what parameters to select when we launch your campaign, which is why we conduct our investigation to tailor the campaign to your industry. The publication of your advertising campaign can therefore take a few days to a few weeks. The important thing is that it is as effective as possible to give you the best return on investment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The cost of a Google Ads campaign varies. Depending on your objectives and the size of your structure you will be charged totally different prices. The advantage is that you can set a maximum daily budget for your campaign. This means that with any budget you can launch an advertising campaign on Google. You can also choose how long you will run this campaign, which has an impact on your investment. Remember that at Oshara, the Montreal-based web agency, we adapt to your budget to deliver a campaign that is tailored to your needs and generates the best possible return on investment. So, act today and contact us.

This is an interesting question; in fact, you don't have to choose. You can use both simultaneously. When you launch an advertising campaign with Google, nothing prevents you from developing your SEO at the same time. Most companies do both at the same time because they are different and independent. Indeed, the SEO will allow you to raise your website in the search engine ranking, but it is an ongoing work. On the other hand, an advertising campaign will be more effective in the short term to get more traffic but once the campaign is over, you are almost back to square one because you have paid to get people to your site.

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