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Web applications are multiplying nowadays thanks to the Internet but also because many Internet users connect via smartphones. Web applications can be used on any device with a web browser. At Oshara, we help you create your own custom web application. The features, design, operation, and more are made to your liking. Oshara's team puts its expertise at your service to create a web application that represents you.

What is a web application?

A web application is an application that can be manipulated online via a web browser without any prior installation on the machine. In short, a web application is a version of a web page created by a development team like Oshara, to be used from any machine (computer, smartphone, tablet...) with a web browser. The use of applications has several advantages.

Advantages of web applications

The web application has several advantages for you and your users. Some of these are as follows: 

  • No installation required

Unlike software, the web application requires no installation. You won't have any compatibility problems or other concerns. Installed on a web server, your application is accessible to all users from a web browser. The web application can also open on all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS...) without any additional installation because they are all equipped with a web browser by default.

  • Accessible from anywhere

Being able to open the web application on any device, the web application has the advantage of easy access no matter where you are. The only thing you'll need is an internet connection.

  • Better user experience

With Oshara, you can customize the graphical interface of your application. Knowing your users and their tastes, you can adapt your interface and ensure them a wonderful user experience. Besides, having a good experience makes your users more productive.

  • Simplified updates

With the web application you don't have to worry about updating or adding new features. You won't have to install the new version for all your users before they can use it. Just update your application on the web server and you're done. Thanks to this ease of access to updates, your application can afford regular updates and thus correct bugs or more.

  • Simultaneous work

Present on a server, the web application allows all your users to work simultaneously. They can work on a file at the same time for example. You can follow the evolution of the tasks in real time. 

  • Security

Hosted on servers, your web application guarantees you a certain security. Indeed, the servers are administered by professional system administrators with a good knowledge in security.

  • Inexpensive

The web application will cost you less than the design of a software. It also reduces maintenance costs.

The different types of web applications.

There are different types of web applications, each with a different purpose:

  • Static web application

These web applications are very simple and do not allow you to display a lot of information. It is quite difficult to modify the content of the static web application yourself.

  • Dynamic web application

These web applications are more complex and technical. Its content is updated with each visit and relies on databases to communicate information. With this tool, it becomes much easier to make updates and customize the site with specific options.

  • E-commerce web application

This web application, also known as e-shop, allows you to develop your commercial sales online. They are more complicated to set up because they require an optimal security in order to be able to proceed to online payments under different payment methods. Moreover, the site administrator must have access to managerial services in parallel. 

  • Web portal application

These web applications bring the user to the home page and then gives access to different sections, categories or topics within the application. They are most often known as forums, chat rooms or e-mail addresses.

  • Web application with content management system (CMS)

These applications are used for platforms that require constant updates and changes in content. With this type of web application, the administrator benefits from autonomy in the management of his website and its modifications. It is possible to shape the website in a simple and intuitive way to make it accessible to more individuals or professionals.

In order for our team to build your web application, you must choose what type of service you want to offer to your customers. Our experts are there to guide you in your choices and answer your questions.

Why choose Oshara to design your web application?

When the software available on the market do not meet the needs of your business, it's time to consider investing in the development of a custom software or web application.

Push the limits of your business with web application technologies and keep your team productive and efficient with a web application thought and designed for you.

With a custom software or web application, you have a personalized management tool for:

  • A better control, on your activities, your costs, and your follow-up.
  • An increased performance of your team and your employees.
  • Better operating results.
  • A positive return on investment.

At Oshara, we strive to use the best technology resources to optimize your business processes. Our software and web application solutions are designed to meet your exact needs and help you reach your full potential. Whether it is:

  • Analysis
  • Web applications and custom management tools (SAAS, CRM, ERP, Productivity, etc.)
  • Web applications and dashboards
  • Software integration solutions through APIs or interconnected applications and SSO
  • Automation
  • Internet of Things (IOT)

The development of web applications is complex, thanks to those above, it can be adapted to any device.

Our role is to provide our custom web application development tool to optimize your business, design it, and therefore by definition, create a custom software. Designed by us, and for you.

We are the benchmark and our experts are ready to help you.


We can help you in any stage of the development of your software or application. From the first idea you have to the final solution. Because we do a custom development or your needs we can make it as specific and custom as you want. We can integrate databases, apk from popular apps, gps, gyroscopes and so on as well as utilizing the other data your user has on his/her phone or computer. The sky's the limit in what we can do.

We can develop your software or app on multiple platforms or with different coding languages, depending on your needs. We are experts in the following: Drupal, Laravel, Python, PHP/MYSQL, AngularJS, Node.js, Vue.js, JavaScript and so on. Together we will find the fastest and cheapest way to make your software or app.

You will have total control of your software as well as your data. You will be able to track inputs and outputs and immediately improve performance. Your productivity will skyrocket, and you will know exactly why have you succeeded. The power of analytics that custom made software gives you is unmatched in the marketing or IT world. You will also be able to automate many processes and save time and resources.

Custom development can last from a few days to months or even years, depending how big the project is and how many features do you need. Don’t let this scare you, custom development in 2021 is a lot faster and easier, can be done on a broader scale, with much less funds than a couple of years ago. It can be done on a limited budget which is always negotiated first and then the custom development starts. So don’t hesitate to contact us with your idea, we will surely be able to help you build your dream app!

We adapt to your goals, if you want your application to be available only on Android, we will. If you want it to be available only on Android, we will do it. And if you need your app to be available on both platforms, then we will do that too! Also, in case you want to make your app available in another format, contact us to see if we can take on the challenge. All the apps we create are custom made, so if you have a crazy idea, we're happy to make it a reality.

Having an app brings you several benefits. No matter if you are a business, an association or an individual, you will find something to gain. An application makes you accessible everywhere and brings you even more credibility at a lower investment. You make yourself accessible to more people, whether you are looking for customers, an audience or anything else, it is one of the ways that will get you the best results. In addition, you can increase your chances of communicating with other people, or increase your chances of selling, if that is your goal. This is the best way to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Indeed, Oshara Inc. is a Montreal-based web agency that improves or creates applications. There are many reasons to change your application and maybe this is your case. If your application is outdated, has technical problems or your competitor is gaining customers, but you are not, it may be time to update your application. Give your application a makeover with Oshara and become more successful than ever on the web. Remember that on the Internet everything is faster, in order to stay competitive, you need to update your application regularly.

Creating an application is not an easy task, and even more so if you don't know how to do it. Depending on your expectations and your project, it can be more or less easy to create your application without calling on experts. However, rest assured that the result will not be the same. Our experts can develop any feature you want to add and any design you want to add to your application. Know that Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, will adapt to your budget to bring your projects to life. Still have questions? Contact us to find out more.

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