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Logo Creation Agency for your brand image

Logo design is an important creative process to successfully position your brand and help your business succeed.

At Oshara agency, we have a great team of creative designers. You just need to bring your idea and we will create the logo that will set you apart from your competition.

Our process is simple and can be summarized in these four steps:

1- Discovery and analysis

This is the step where we make sure we understand your vision and your company's mission in order to successfully translate it graphically. We also take the opportunity to make an analysis of your market and define the visual direction of your logo design.

2- Sketch design and sketches

Our designers are excellent draftsmen and this is one of our real strengths. Since your company is unique to us, we propose at this stage three (3) completely different logo designs from which you will choose one.

3- Digital Logo Creation

At this stage, we proceed with the creation of the logo you have chosen using the best digital logo design tools such as Adobe Illustrator. Your final logo is then fine-tuned and we render it for your approval at the final stage.

4- Validation and Delivery of the Final Logo

That's it! The creation of your logo is now complete and once approved, we will send you the logo files you will need. This includes, but is not limited to, all high-resolution source files as well as the versions required for the Web. The next step if you wish would then be the creation of a website.

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