Yves Martin

Our role was to improve their website by adding functionalities, a design in line with their brand image and correcting bugs. The custom website for Yves Martin was personalized according to their expectations. This tool is crucial to the success of their business and serves as a marketing tool to communicate their services to their customers and increase sales.


Yves Martin’s mission is to continue to provide their customers quality products at an affordable price.


Yves Martin is a brand specializing in the sale of underwear and loungewear for everyone. They do design, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale.

The company "Yves Martin" asked us to improve their website by adding new features, fixing bugs and certain aspects of their design so that it would be consistent with their image. 

The Solution

With the goal of delivering a web solution to our client that clearly communicates their offer and increases their sales, we were able to improve and maintain their website to look and feel more attractive in order to attract more customers.

Features developed

Several programming languages were used to create this web solution such as WooCommerce. 

Also, the administrator interface offers the business possibilities adapted to their needs in order to facilitate the management and increase their income.


We always take great pleasure in satisfying our customers and once again, it's a pleasure to be able to offer them the best possible service.



Yves Martin