The TalonMetre is a politically independent tool designed to give the average citizen the ability to measure the success of promises made by an elected president and his government. 


Our role was to create the TalonMetre website from scratch to make it an informative and dynamic interface where users can comment and update the progress of promises. The goal was to give a face to the website but also to add several features customized to their expectations. This project, inspired by the Trudeaumeter, is intended to be a statistical tool only.


Thanks to our team of experts in custom web programming, we were able to create a site customized to our client's unique expectations. The interface is now capable of hosting thousands of Internet users while remaining clear and easy to use for all. The design of the site we created allows them to highlight the full potential of the platform. We were able to give life to the ideas of our client and create a site that looks like him and is more attractive to new users.

Several programming languages were used to create this web solution. The administrator interface offers the company possibilities adapted to their needs in order to facilitate the management and to increase their activity.





Website Creation