SOS Désembuage is a Montreal-based company located in Terrebonne and specializes in defogging and replacement of glass and thermos for the residential and commercial sector.


In order to boost its visibility and sales, S.O.S. Désembuage has mandated us to create and manage its advertising campaign for its website on Google Ads since 2020.


In order to maximize the results of the Google Ads campaign we were about to launch, we first completed a full SEO audit of the client's website. This allowed us to determine the problems that could undermine the good referencing of the website's pages in the search results on Google and also the referring keywords of its main competitors.

Based on this challenging exercise, we created a list of the most common and relevant keywords used by customers and internet users looking for demisting services in the geographical area defined and covered by our client.

We then created his advertising campaign on Google Ads by integrating all possible means of tracking to do retargeting and generate maximum traffic to the website. This translated into more sales for our client.

This successful advertising campaign on Google Ads could not be done without optimization and regular tracking. By making sure we organized and analyzed the data collected from the campaign, we were able to save our client several hundred dollars while increasing their sales compared to the previous year.

Finally, this same data allowed us to improve the SEO in order to minimize the amount of money the client had to invest in advertising and to save him money as well.



SOS Defogging


Seo referencing - Google Ads