The most easy and affordable way to go paperless.

Convert any of your paper document into database records in minutes.

Getting the data ‘out’ of scanned documents such as PDF, images or typed invoices can be tricky and complex especially if part of your business data is still stored in libraries of paper folders.

We also all know that as a business, you cannot afford to neglect your data. That’s why you need ScanToDatabase software.

ScanToDatabase can scan your document and convert them to create database records in minutes.

Say bye bye to Manual Data Entry. Automate the extraction of your business records and storage processes.

In this era of digitalisation, a lot of businesses are still having hard time to smoothly complete the transition because of the amount of paper documents they are storing and a lack of knowledge on how to store them so they are accessible whenever they need those data, wherever they are.

Studies shows that still today, many companies hire manual data entry employees to complete the long and sometimes confusing task of extracting data from their administration and management documents into excel sheets, SQL databases or others like Mongodb. The problem with that are two (2) things:

  • It’s cost a lot of money
  • It does not minimise errors when the datas are being entered

With this document to database converter solution, you can give a second and longer life to any off your business paper library. This revolutionary solution can do all of these in minutes:

  • extract any data (points or table) from you paper documents
  • process the data in a way to meeting your requirement and compliance
  • Simplify access and management of the structure data by importing them into your SQL or NoSQL database

Say no more, we’d like to show you the power of this software. Please fill this short questionnaire to book your demo session today and get a 7 month free trial.