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Quickee is a web application or software that has been designed to allow audio and visual production companies to record and track in real time the appointments made by their customers as well as the material that will be used during the reserved studio sessions.

It is an initiative of OSHARA studios that, once implemented, has also been adopted by a few local companies.

Quickee for Studios


  • Reduction of paper in management processes
  • Need to know who books or rents the company's rooms and equipment
  • Need to know which agents performed the operations/transactions
  • Need to know what equipment is booked/leased for planning purposes
  • Need to have reports and be able to follow up
  • Centralization of information in real time


The Quickee for studios web application was developed to meet the needs of appointment scheduling and inventory management in a media company. In view of the problem described earlier, our solution makes it possible to:

  • Eliminate the use of paper because the application offers a real-time appointment scheduling module and keeps every detail in a data center for future reference.
  • Thanks to its ability to store data indefinitely, it is now easier to communicate with all customers at any time. This improves the targeted marketing strategy.
  • With the electronic signature function integrated in the application, it is no longer possible for an employee to refute his responsibility when he makes a mistake. This has among other things to reduce errors, and it then becomes easier to do coaching to improve the performance and productivity of your team.
  • It often happens that you need a particular piece of equipment and you realize at the last minute that it is not available because, in use. Such situations can be very embarrassing and thanks to Quickee, it is easy to know in a few clicks, what is available or not.
  • This software package also offers a function that allows you to generate accurate reports to help you better understand your business, measure performance and make decisions that improve performance.
  • No matter where you are in the world, Quikee allows you to stay connected to your company at all times

As mandated for the entire project, we also associated our communication unit to create the visual identity and branding of the product:

  • Complete visual identity (logo, graphic charter, stationery, business card, etc.)
  • Banners and advertising posters (traditional and digital)
  • Flyers

Si vous êtes un studio ou une entreprise. Et que vous offrez des services sur le terrain, nous pouvons vous aider à déployer un logiciel sur mesure qui réponds plus précisément à vos besoins. Une solution vous ferait économiser temps et argent.

Quickee for Studios

Quickee for Studios

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