My trending stories

Our role was to redesign the My Trending Story website to make it a multi-faceted social interface. Not only was the goal to give the website a new look, but also to add dozens of new features customized to their expectations.


The company "My trending stories" is a social network that gathers the profiles of bloggers on the same platform by offering them a larger audience and more options.


The "My Trending Stories" social network needed a complete redesign consistent with its brand image and a new website that would better meet the needs of its users.


In a context where content creation is nowadays an imperative to be seen, heard and known, "My Trending stories" wants to be the social network of choice for writers and bloggers on the internet. It brings together the profiles of several bloggers in order to give them a greater audience and visibility on the internet.


The solution

A redesign is not always as simple as it seems. In this case, for example, we had to understand the brand's core values in order to propose and create a new website and web application.

In addition to the redesign, we were also responsible for the web development of the application. Our ultimate goal was to develop an ergonomic, clean and functional website for its users. 

Mission Accomplished


Features developed

- New website design

- Advanced Content Management System

- User profile creation and management

- User management for Admin

- Article submission and approval system

- Approval module before publishing on the website

- And much more.



In general and as it was the case in this project, a good collaboration often determines the success of a mandate. 

Thank you to the team of "My trending stories" for their confidence that allowed us to deliver a functional website and web application that perfectly meets the needs of their users.



My trending stories


Website creation


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