LECI - The Environment is Intersectional

LECI is an initiative that aims to participate in the deconstruction of our consumption model on a micro scale through various projects.


LECI is also an educational platform that seeks to deepen our vision and discourse on the environmental cause by denouncing the particular obstacles experienced by different marginalized communities in order to avoid reproducing problematic logics within the struggle itself


Needing to strengthen its presence and strategy on the internet, the client asked us to design a new self-managed website in the image of its brand and services.

Starting from a Joomla template chosen with the client, our team of frontend and backend developers managed to design a fully self-managed and functional website in addition to being in charge of hosting and maintenance.

A Paypal donation module was integrated on the site to allow the client to receive donations to finance its activities in a sustainable way.



LECI - Environment is Intersectional


Web - Branding