Ford Motor Company (FMC) is an American automobile manufacturer. Today, the company is present on all continents and in many countries, including Canada. We have collaborated with Ford Montreal.

The company sells its products, mainly cars and trucks, all over the world in order to meet the need for travel and to offer a wide and diverse range of products for its customers.

Ranging from a city car such as the Ford Fiesta to a sports car such as the Mustang model, the American manufacturer has been able to adapt to the different needs of the automotive market.


We are a web agency based in Montreal and content design is one of our main areas of work. The goal was to create content in the form of a memory game using WordPress software. The functionalities of this tool allow us to create and manage different forms of content such as website design, E-Commerce sites for online sales, portfolios and many others. Web development is varied and we wanted to expand our service to the maximum to offer a qualitative rendering.

So we created a game on the Family Fun Hub platform for Ford Canada. The goal of the game is to test the player's memory where the player must find pairs of matching images as quickly as possible. This game aims to develop the visual memory and the reactivity of each player.

To stay within the theme, the images are composed of different Ford models to give visitors the opportunity to discover its ranges, while keeping the subject of the moment: Mother's Day, with images referring to it. The Ford brand image is also the family spirit. Our web development agency has therefore focused part of its realization on it.

The game created is informative, with the desire to show the cars to the general public, but also educational, by evaluating the visual memory capacity of each person.