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Web Site Design and Event Management System of the 12 Days of Action Committee


Coordinated by the Fédération des Femmes du Québec (FFQ), 12 Jours d’Action is an innovative coalition in Quebec that brings together nearly twenty organizations, by and for women facing systemic marginalization, who work in the field and have unique expertise in intervention and in combating violence against women and in defense of women's rights.


In December 2019, 12 Jours d’Action wanted to update their website, and reached out to us for help in doing so. The client chose their preferred layouts and features, and our job was to create a highly engaging and responsive website as per their requests. Oshara also decided to integrate the functionality of “memes,” which sounds just great to lure attention, but for viewers to then realize that the images posted on this page are relevant to the cause, exhibiting struggles and violence that women have to endure to the modern-day.

Moreover, we decided to take it a step further and created an extension application to the website, specifically for event management. The app is accessible for everyone to promote or publicize an upcoming event in which they believe is relevant to the objectives. These events will then be published on 12 Jours d’Action’s website, and connected to an interactive calendar to followers to easily keep track with. Not stopping there, we also helped our client create a petition platform for a women protection program, encouraging all petition starters and supporters to advocate for their beliefs.

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