Why choose Google Ads?

by Marie-Mathilde Baraer on 14/05/2021

Updated at 27/01/2023

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, make your website's offers appear first on the Google search page when a potential customer searches for your product or service. This is a paid online advertising campaign for which you are charged per click. This requires an advertising budget defined according to your means and your objectives. You appear before all other Google results that do not use Google Ads to promote your website.

What are the advantages of Google Ads?

There are many advantages to Google advertising campaigns. What better way to prove it than with statistics ?

- 75% of users say that paid search ads make it easier to find information. Indeed, thanks to the parameters you choose to integrate into your advertising campaign, you will directly bring the ad to potential customers who are looking for a product or service that you offer. Due to the efficiency of the algorithm and if you set up your ad effectively to target specific customers, you will get successful results in short times.

- The first three paid ads get 46% of the clicks on the page. Knowing that by using Google Ads you are almost guaranteed to be in the first three results of a search that matches the products you offer. This means that almost half of the people who will see your ad are likely to click on the link that sends them to your website.

- 95% of clicks on mobile devices are directed to Google Ads campaigns. Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology and capabilities of smartphones many people are searching on Google from their cell phones. If this is the case when your ad appears on their search, you have an even greater chance of customers being redirected to your product or service.

In short, the results to be expected from a Google advertising campaign are an increase in the number of customers and therefore sales, an increase in calls and an increase in the number of visits to your store, agency, or website...

One of the major advantages of a Google Ads campaign is that you pay according to the results you get. Indeed, only the click is charged to you, so the more customers who go on your ad, the more you will pay. Moreover, you can define a daily budget and once this budget is reached your ad will not be shown to the Internet users until the next day so that you do not pay more than the budget established.

The Google Ads tool has been created to be accessible to everyone, so it is relatively easy to use by people who are not marketing or computer specialists. This gives everyone a fair chance to increase their income using Google.

The last advantage we would like to explain to you is the improvement of your campaign. Indeed, even after the launch of your ads you can analyze the results and choose to adjust your campaign to be more successful. So, you can test different marketing techniques and see which ones perform better, or adapt to your audience to get better results.

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A few examples to illustrate Google Ads:

As you can see below, when a customer is looking to buy shoes the first results Google offers are Ads. So, these brands have used Google Ads to promote their products to a potential customer.

As you can see in the following image, when a user makes a search on a smartphone the Google Ads look like this. As the screen is smaller the first searches proposed by Google are more visible and are in fact paid ads. That is probably why the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns on mobile is higher.

As an administrator you will have access to a lot of valuable data. You will be able to adjust the settings at any time during your campaign to test and get better results. You will also have access to data that you can analyze to better understand your customers' behavior and learn more about their profiles.

To conclude, you now have a good general idea of Google Ads campaigns that you can start introducing into your business strategy. In order to stay competitive within your industry's market, use Google Ads to grow your brand. The Google Ads tool is so widespread that your competitors are probably already using it, so keep up! 

If you want an alternative to Google Ads, check out our article on Facebook Ads.

Don't hesitate to contact Oshara web agency, based in Montreal for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads makes your website's offers appear first on the Google search page when a potential customer searches for your product or service. It is a paid online advertising campaign for which you are charged for the click.

It depends on your objectives. You are charged by the number of clicks that were made on your ad. You can limit your costs by creating a daily budget that Google will not exceed.

Yes! It is exactly that. At the top of Google searches appear ads, often marked with « sponsored» which are created by brands on Google Ads.

Marie-Mathilde Baraer

Marie-Mathilde is a marketing assistant at Oshara Inc. She likes to write about what she is learning in digital marketing, the industry and the different technologies.

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