Why choose Facebook Ads?

by Marie-Mathilde Baraer on 14/05/2021

Updated at 27/01/2023

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads, are known to be the most precise ads towards their targets. Indeed, this social network offers ultra-precise parameters in order to directly access well-defined niches of potential customers that may correspond to your products and services. Facebook advertising campaigns require an advertising budget defined according to your means and your objectives. Facebook Ads allows you to effectively target consumers based on their locations, interests, family situations and many other criteria.

What are the advantages of Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads has many advantages and what better way to prove it than with statistics?

- 75% of online users with incomes over $75,000 are on Facebook. This tells us that the majority of people on Facebook are employed and receive a salary. So, these are people who are actively participating in the economy. You will certainly find the customer group you are targeting on Facebook.

- Facebook users are 1.19 billion women and 1.51 billion men. No matter what your product or service is, you will find buyers on Facebook because the diversity on this social network is unprecedented.

- 6.1 million marketers will regularly use Facebook advertising in 2020. It's time for you to join the trend because your competitors are probably already taking advantage of Facebook Ads. Follow your industry's standards to stay competitive.

- Facebook users spend 38 minutes a day using the platform. That's more than enough time to see your ad, read all the information and click through to your brand's site. And that's good for you, because people pay close attention to who they see on social media.

- 74% of Facebook users visit the site daily. Since most Facebook users log in every day, multiple times, there's a good chance your ad will pass them by several times, and they'll end up clicking on it.

Facebook is still the most used social network in the world, and like most of your potential customers, you are probably already registered. Given its notoriety, Facebook is undoubtedly your target audience, with users of all ages all over the world.

The Facebook Ads tool is made to be accessible to everyone, easy to understand and use. Facebook helps you set your goals, select your audience, decide where to run your ad, set a budget, find the right format, and manage your campaign.

The strongest point that Facebook has over all other platforms that offer advertising campaigns is multimedia delivery. Let me explain! Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are all owned by one company. Therefore, you can activate the publication of your ad campaign from Facebook to other platforms such as Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. This gives you the opportunity to reach more potential customers through different social media.

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Some examples to illustrate Facebook Ads:

As you can see below, the posts in the news feed that are noted "sponsored" are Facebook ads.

On the image below you can see Facebook Ads on Instagram and the different formats they can take.

On the admin side you will have access to a lot of data that is valuable. You will be able to adjust the settings at any time during your campaign to test and get better results. You can add or remove content. You'll also have access to data that you can analyze to better understand your customers' behavior and learn more about their profiles.

A tip from Oshara:

A good tool to start an advertising campaign is Canva (or Promo). The tool is easy to use by anyone, you have a wide variety of choices, and clean and customizable designs. Find the tool among all those that exist that will help you get a result in line with your brand image. For more tips on Canva read this article.

To conclude, you now have a good general idea of Facebook Ads campaigns that you can now start introducing into your business strategy. In order to stay competitive within your industry's market, use Google Ads to grow your brand. 

If you are looking for an alternative to Facebook Ads, check out our article on Google Ads.

Don't hesitate to contact Oshara web agency, based in Montreal for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a tool for creating advertising campaigns on social networks. Facebook Ads allows you to effectively target consumers based on their locations, interests, family situations and many other criteria.

Yes! It's exactly that. The two are related. By using Facebook Business to create your ads you can choose to run them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

You can run a campaign with as little as $5 per day. It depends on your objectives. You can limit your costs by creating a daily budget that Facebook will not exceed. Make some tests by increasing your budgets and comparing your results.

Marie-Mathilde Baraer

Marie-Mathilde is a marketing assistant at Oshara Inc. She likes to write about what she is learning in digital marketing, the industry and the different technologies.

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