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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of improving your website for better ranking on search engines; increasing your visibility to search engine users with "organic" or "natural" results by improving the quality (and quantity) of a web page or website.

Optimizing your website makes it easy for any search engine to crawl each pages on your website, effectively interpret your contents and then index it into their database. So when users search for topics, pages on your website relevant are displayed for them because your page(s) and/or website is fully indexed.

Less than 5% of all the billions of users who use search engines scroll page the first page of any search results so the higher you rank naturally on organic results of a search, the more the traffic (and we all know what that means).

SEO can be achieved basically in these two ways:

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

As the name implies, On-Page Optimization is carried out on the pages of the website by the website owner which include:

Keyword research. Right keyword and topic selection with appropriate usage.

Optimized snippet of text, header tag, title tag, meta tag data, etc

Having a Responsive website

Optimized URL for search engines and users

Having great contents.

Usage of more content like image and videos

Website design should be visually appealing and connect with your brand.

You can read more about On-Page Optimization here: Google SEO Tagging Best Practices.

Off-Page Optimization

These are strategies of marketing that earn clicks on link and social media mentions that help to increase your online presence and authority thereby increasing SEO ranking. These includes:

Understanding the strategies of your competitors and using them to rank better on search results.

Your inbound links should be keyword-rich

Earning inbound links from websites that are considered authoritative by the search engines.

Earning links to content deep within your website.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization are "white hat" strategies that are followed to achieve higher and better rankings with search results. Some techniques like keyword spamming and stuffing, buying and selling of links, cloaking, hiding links on your website are branded as "black hat" which are heavily penalized by the search engines.

Having a good SEO structure can help you achieve a lot if done right as it makes your content valuable and also help achieve business goals.

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