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What is the Heat map?

by Christian Bagnimbo on 29/07/2021 |

Updated at 21/09/2021

When a website is created, it is generally to make itself known and attract new customers. Once created, the objective is to keep customers by offering them a good user experience. To help you in this task, there are several tools that allow you to study the behavior of your website visitors. As a tool, we have for example the heat map.

What is the heat map?

The heat map is an analytical representation of the behavior of your visitors on your website. It allows you to see how your users browse your website. You will be able to see which pages, texts, images, etc. catch your visitors' attention the most. Thanks to the heat map, you can regularly improve your website based on the results of your analysis.

Different types of heat map

Hover-based heat map

As the name suggests, the rollover heat map shows the areas of your website that visitors have rolled over with their mouse. This heat map allows you to see where visitors look on your website pages. Indeed, the parts that visitors browse with their mouse are often the parts they look at.

However, visitors can look at other parts of a page without hovering over them.
This type of heat map has some shortcomings because it doesn't allow to visualize what attracts the visitor on the page. In addition to the hover heat map, you can use the click-based heat map.

Heat map based on the click

Here, the aim is to observe the areas most clicked by visitors. With the click-based heat map, you can effectively see the behavior of your website visitors. You will see the places where they often click. Sometimes, some users click on pictures while waiting for an action (zoom or redirection for example). In case you have a non-clickable image and you see that users tend to click on it, you can make it clickable and thus satisfy the visitor.

With the click heat map, you will be able to modify your website according to the behavior of your users.

Heat map based on scroll and attention

The scroll heat map allows you to visualize the scrolling on the pages of your website. You can see the parts where visitors linger and also where they leave the website.

Indeed, users find it difficult to go through the whole page if it is long. With the data you will collect with this heat map, you will be able to see where to place your most important elements.

You can also analyze the attention of your visitors on the website by looking at the viewing time of the page areas. This type of heat map takes into account the horizontal scroll.

The heat map based on scroll and attention allows you to see the parts that attract the most attention from users. For the improvement or redesign of your website, this heat map will be very useful.

User session recordings

User session records allow you to see everything the visitor does when they come to the website. You can thus observe:

  • The filling and sending of a form
  • Scrolling
  • The manipulation of a shopping cart
  • Interaction with images and other elements of the website
  • The use of the menu
  • The use of carousel
  • etc...

Some tools to set up heat maps

  • Creazy Egg
  • Hotjar
  • Heat map for WordPress
  • Clicktale
  • Decibel
  • Heapw

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