Web referencing with yellow pages myths or realities?

Web referencing with yellow pages myths or realities?

by Sidick Allaladé on 25/05/2022

Updated at 8/02/2023

The yellow pages is a business directory that exists in over 100 countries around the world.

SEO in general and a method used to obtain better positioning. SEO referencing is the set of methods used to obtain better positioning on search engines.

Let's start by analyzing SEO from a strict yellow pages perspective. This is therefore to get a better ranking on the yellow pages site itself.

Is it really necessary and profitable?

The more you can be visible or your potential customers search for your products or services, the better. However It is not profitable to bear huge costs for being visible. You can do it better with Yellow pages.

If you want to list your business for free on the Yellow pages. Definitely a good deal, will you rank higher on the yellow pages? Certainly not.

Now let's remember that more than 95% of online searches are done on Google. So your potential customers are looking for your products and services more on Google.

Then let's analyze SEO from an organic SEO point of view for better positioning in search engines.

Do the yellow pages help you to be better referenced on the internet?

Yes like being in any online business directory, basically because it allows you to get an outside link to your site whether it's follow or nofollow, this just gives you a bit more clout.

Is getting a link to my website from the yellow pages enough to get listed on the web?

No, especially in 2022, organic SEO is based on two (02) on-site SEO and off-site SEO components. 

Getting a link from the yellow pages is considered a backlink for your off-site seo. When you pay for a yellow pages subscription, you rank higher in their directory. It is true that companies ranked higher in the yellow pages directory have a good positioning on search engines such as Google. But remember that it is your listing page in the yellow pages directory that is well referenced, because the yellow pages have been around for a long time. If your products or services appear in yellow pages results in search engines, it would even make sense to pay to rank well there.

However, the payment for being in the yellow pages directory is completely different from their SEO service.

Because, Yes Pages Jaunes now offers a wide range of web and marketing services, such as website creation, organic SEO, online advertising, etc.

Personally I have nothing against the Yellow Pages, but other than paying to be in their directory, I advise against using any other Web or Marketing services they offer, and here are a few reasons why:

1- Website made by yellow pages

You rent a website that no longer belongs to you as soon as you are no longer satisfied and wish to cancel, this implies that all the benefits linked to your SEO site disappear as soon as you cancel.

In addition, if you want to rent a website, Yellow Pages is far from being the best, with all the online tools that exist such as Wix, Web flow, squarespace, shopify and so on. Both in terms of features such as the themes offered and in terms of price.

2- SEO done by Yellow Pages

You pay a team of yellow pages, which does not seem to be up to date with the evolution of Google's algorithm and which above all works with your yellow page site in itself, does not have an optimized structure to promote the referencing versus a site made in Wordpress on Shopify for example.

That said, if you want a simple presence on the web, the yellow pages directory is clearly worth considering. But if you need an adequate and profitable web presence for your business, I invite you to consult various web agencies specializing in marketing and technologies. SEO agency Oshara, is expert in SEO, web development and software solutions. You should consult the SEO Montreal company in order to obtain possible solutions that you can compare. 

Remember that the yellow pages is first and foremost a digital directory.

Finally many of our clients have been disappointed with Yellow Pages in the past, and this is global, to the point that a$30 million class action lawsuit against the Yellow Pages is still ongoing and if you were one of their victims and wish to join the class members, you can do so here .

Sidick Allaladé

Sidick Allalade, is Chief Technology Officer at Oshara INC and co-founder of the Osortoo web application. He loves solving complex IT problems, coding and everything IT. He has a good knowledge of online marketing and IT Governance, Audit and Security.
His experience spans hundreds of projects with companies of all sizes which makes him a valuable asset on any team.

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