This is How you can Simplify Complex Enterprise Workflows in Your Business

This is How you can Simplify Complex Enterprise Workflows in Your Business

by Joe Shara on 8/01/2019

Updated at 27/01/2023

A workflow is a repeatable scheme or pattern of a sequence of steps or activities that are undertaken to realize the completion of a particular task on a regular period. The flow in description includes information, documents, and tasks that are directed to a proper participant of a workflow for action in a series dictated by actions or business rules that are always pre-defined.

Simplification of automation- product selection alongside its implementation in a modern digital environment has always been carried out. Workflows can be defined using several approaches. Workflows can be defined with dedicated tools for automation. In some way, it is like building application programs, however on a higher level. This is done generally in a declarative or a visual approach.

Grouping activities could also help to realize a divide and conquer approach which is quite easier to grasp and reuse. Nonetheless, when defining workflows, the following should be considered:

  1. Information/ input data that is to be used
  2. Actions that are going to be carried out.
  3. Decisions to be logically made whenever any action is being carried out.
  4. Information/ output data that has to be generated
  5. Constraints that have to be adhered to
  6. The exceptional cases that have to be considered.

There are similarities between application development and the design of workflows. Some traditional application programs have principles of design that may be refitted together with their patterns. The practices from the development of application programs may be useful of the work-flow oriented design.

Examples of automation structural design principles which help mainly in coming up with workflows include:

  1. Activities of a group in workflow units that achieve one particular goal.
  2. A generalized workflow, or in other words a workflow of a higher level, should always call a specialized, or in other words, a work-flow of a lower level. It should not be vice versa.
  3.  A separate group of activities is susceptible to change from a particular group of activities that a prone to change.
  4. Change propensity is common in group activities in workflows.

Adhering to these principles during the creation of workflows will lead to the creation of workflows that are easy to understand, easy to reuse, easy to diagnose and easy to progressively refines.

Principle one and two are the most common principles. They are easy to implement. However, the second one often is violated in the sense that after a workflow is released, its developers forget or fail to understand what was initially in the workflow. Principle three is of importance in the sense that it brings the difference between the group of activities that are stable and those group of activities that may require change and retest. Principle four is the most crucial among the four principles. Its benefit is the most important whenever a product is being selected. Besides, the principle is also essential in helping to realize the goal of ensuring a complex enterprise.  Many organizations share this goal.

Without adjusting a particular procedure to remove a current gap may result in a quick change of a safe, repeatable procedure into a procedure that repeats itself quite fast and carries other adverse effects.

For instance, if a given organization is susceptible to change due to numerous reasons, then it is possible that all the processes and activity workflows may need to be changed. This is necessary so that gaps against the new goals are avoided. It also brings the need for extra mindfulness during the design of workflows. Adhering to the principles discussed above is essential. Automation products, generalized in nature, should be selected. These automation products should cover concerns regarding the change of environment. The design of automation procedures should be done in a manner that the changes which regularly happen should be easy to apply.   

As per a survey conducted, about 11% of all public companies with about $500 million about sales have turned out to be sustained creators of value.  About two-thirds of the companies found in this group do not progress, and may consequently be acquired.

Complexity carries serious effects. However, companies need not succumb to the pressure of complexity. However, if complexity poses a severe threat to the organization, then the management of the organization should adopt ways of simplifying the business. Simplification is quite essential. For instance, the adaptation of complex spreadsheets, network folders and shared document in the management of their work brings complexity.

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Many companies, nonetheless, are using project management software to ensure the following:

  • Process simplification and streamlining
  • Visibility improvement
  • Reduction of manual work
  • Increase productivity.

These present themselves as the main reasons why enterprises ought to adopt simpler workflows. Enterprises could realize the simplification of their complex workflows through the following ways:

Visualisation of workflows: This brings a revelation of the opportunities available for simplification. It is an excellent way for simplification of workflows. It involves creating an overview of a workflow or process and then mapping out all the steps. It is then easier to discover the steps that deserve elimination, or those that could be carried out concurrently, or the manual steps that need to be made automatic.

Simulation: Simulation of workflows pays off by increasing productivity. In workflow simulation, test cases are carried out from one end to another. It presents a way of discovering opportunities for making improvements. Simulation is sometimes done before the adaptation of a new workflow, or sometimes it can be integrated into an existing workflow in order to focus on the workflow, rather than the final results. It is essential to indicate the inefficient steps. Knowing the problematic steps in a workflow is the first step in bettering them. Simulation is the best way of gaining such valuable information. If a simulation of workflow presents appropriate improvements, then the workflow which has been improved could be simulated before its adaptation. If the workflow that has been changed experiences unpredicted problems, then they should be corrected before proper implementation of the workflow.

Use of workflow management software.

The use of the right workflow management brings ease. Workflow management software is specifically designed to better workflows. This kind of software simplifies visualization, testing process and implementation of workflows. This software essential in the sense that it considers everything. This helps to discover unpredictable problems before a particular workflow is put into place. This software may include automation tools that enable the change of old and inefficient workflows into new and efficient workflows that entirely embraces new technology.

An example of a workflow management software is Comindware. It is straightforward and makes the automation of business processes to be easy. Its design focuses on minimal dependence on IT. This suits the non-technical workers. Using it, modeling and visualizing workflows is easy, thus enabling the creation of web forms that can be configured easily. Therefore, making changes to them is easy and instant. This ensures a continual optimization. In the end, the use of this software results in a more productive team and more efficient workflows. With this software, it possible to transform uneconomical processes into efficient workflows.

Always pick a champion. It is necessary always to know that an effort put in place to improve workflows entails asking people to start doing something they hate to do. Change requires persistence and determination for it to be realized. It is essential to look for people to care about making an impact, active collaborators, natural communicators, efficient in troubleshooting and problem solving and carry personal regarding the outcome

Always start small. Workflows are always complicated because of the digital work which is always complicated. Shifting from manual workflows to cloud workflows is always complicated. It is recommended to run a pilot project in a particular workflow management software that will enable the realization of a visible and centralized workflow.

Documentation of workflow. It does not matter the type of process one is engaging in. It is always essential to list each task from its concept to its actualization. Its size should not matter.  While documenting, it is important to perform auditing on the process to eradicate unnecessary steps or include crucial steps which might have been omitted. Processes exist in our minds as habits which are unspoken. It is always essential to streamline the processes before examining, improving and automating them.

Always define the success factors. If your ladder is not always inclined to the wall, one wants to go over the wall; then they are bound to fail. It is essential to get the ladder onto the wall, and once it is there, one will know the extent to which they ought to climb. Once this is laid down, then the next step is putting the workflow they have defined into practice.

Select a Timeframe. It is essential to give a workflow for an efficient implementation of a workflow. Not working under a time frame may result in forgetting the actual implementation of the workflow, majorly when someone has many things to handle.  It is crucial to adopt a realistic timeframe and invite the stakeholders and participants. One will work together with for the realization of the project.

Teamwork. A few things nowadays can be done without a team. Implementation of a workflow will only be successful upon the inclusion of several team players. Each team member should be assigned a specific task for them to perform. When choosing a member of a workflow team, it is essential to consider characteristics such as timekeeping, dedication, problem-solving, troubleshooting, active collaborators and communicators.

Repeat with various teams and projects. It is always important to start small, and if successful, it is essential to refine the process. After the first workflow turns out victorious, it is crucial to use whatever was learned in the implementation of the previous workflow as a basis for creating another workflow. In this process, it is crucial to involve a second team, a third one and so on until the second and subsequent workflows are successfully created.  Always move left and right throughout the organization, as you simplify each workflow at a time. A celebration is essential after every small win, and consequently, more teams will learn about your success and want to be part of you.

In the process of implementing workflows, simplification, streamlining and automation of workflows is crucial. This helps in the realization of the benefits of the simplicity of organization. Projects will roll out more smoothly. Teams across several departments are in a position to assemble and break with absolute ease.  Digital work turns out to be visible, and managing them is more comfortable. The tasks which are unnecessary and of less importance will thus be unconsidered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- The information/input data to be used 2- The actions that will be executed. 3- The decisions to be made logically when an action is executed. 4- The output information/data that must be generated 5- The constraints that must be respected 6- The exceptional cases that must be considered.

1- Simplification and rationalization of processes 2- Improved visibility 3- Reduction of manual work 4- Increased productivity.

1- Always choose a champion. 2- Always start small. 3- Document the workflow. 4- Always define the success factors. 5- Choose a deadline. 6- Teamwork. 7- Repeat the experience with different teams and projects.

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