The Essentials of a Good CRM

The Essentials of a Good CRM

by Sawab Allaladé on 23/03/2022

Updated at 3/02/2023

Technology has transformed our world and the way we interact as consumers and as businesses. With the amount of information that a company must manage (products, customers, promotions, support, etc.), it is recommended to use customer relationship software such as a CRM. 

CRM allows a company to organize sales activities, structure the sales process, automate repetitive tasks and much more. 

It is therefore a key tool for business growth. Although the challenges of each organization are different and unique, a good CRM must still integrate a minimum of functionalities to hope to find a good audience who adopts it. 

Among these essentials of a good CRM we can mention: 

1- Contact management (prospect and customers):

The most important functionality of a CRM in my opinion should be this one. A good CRM should integrate a lead management and customer management module. This module will allow CRM users (salespeople and others) to create prospect (lead) or customer files that will contain all the information relevant to the commercial relationship. 

2- Sales management (sales cycle)

In a sales process, you can have several players, and sometimes it can take several months to close deals. A sales management module in your CRM is therefore important to follow the evolution of sales, creating sales pipelines and for understanding certain errors in order to make corrections quickly. \

3- Follow-up of interactions (document management)

Document management is a feature that tracks all interactions between teams and on a client's account. It's also the ability to back up important client files so they're easily accessible when needed. A CRM should integrate this functionality.

4- A “Report dashboard” report table

One of the essentials that a CRM cannot sacrifice is indeed the latter. No matter how relevant the actions you take, it will be in vain if you are not able to measure it. This is exactly what a report module is for. A serious CRM must therefore integrate this functionality into its system. 

5- Email integration

Given that a CRM makes it possible to communicate and strengthen the relationship between a company and its customers, it is relevant and important that it offers the possibility for its users to integrate their email into it in order to be able to interact directly with their customer accounts and send and receive their emails. 

Sometimes salespeople are on the road and meet their customers. Although they may have access to the use of a laptop, it would be appropriate if they could also use their cell phones. A CRM should therefore absolutely take into account the mobility of its users

6- Hosting in a cloud (cloud)

The ability to access data from anywhere is an imperative in my opinion, especially for managers and directors. If a CRM does not offer the possibility of saving data in the cloud and of course securing it, its use could be very limited. 


A CRM, much more than an optional tool, is essential for any serious business looking for growth. With the array of CRM solutions available on the market today, it is important to consider the essential features discussed in this article in your choice of CRM. 

At Oshara, we understand that every business has a unique need and we develop our solutions with this in mind. If you need a custom developed CRM, our team can create it. But sometimes it can be interesting to integrate an existing CRM solution into your current IT systems to achieve the digital transformation you are looking for and instantly optimize your processes. We are web development experts in CRM integration like Hubspot and Salesforce. 

Speak to one of our experts to find out how we can help you choose the best CRM solution for your business.

Sawab Allaladé

Sawab A, is the co-founder and Managing Partner at OSHARA. He is passionate about Branding and Marketing and he helps businesses grow their brand and reach new heights of success using simple but efficient web technologies and digital marketing. His expertise and ability to listen and execute bring an added value to any team.

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