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by Marie-Mathilde Baraer on 19/05/2021

Updated at 7/02/2023

The 3 essential web solutions:

If you're thinking about developing your business on the web, you're in a good place! We'll explain the options available to you and give you the most important information about each one so that you'll be able to know which one your business needs.

  1. A simple website is a collection of web pages and resources linked together by hyperlinks. It is accessible by a web address also called URL. The website is a very important element of the Internet. Having a website gives many advantages no matter what your situation is.
  2. Application or custom web software is an application that can be manipulated online via a web browser without any prior installation on the machine. In short, a web application is a version of a web page created usually by a development team to be used from any machine (computer, smartphone, tablet ...) with a web browser. The use of applications has several advantages.
  3. An ecommerce site, also called an online store, is a website that groups your products and services, as well as all the information necessary for your customers to differentiate you from the competition and choose you. With an e-commerce site, your company will have the opportunity to sell its products or services on a larger scale by making itself accessible to a new clientele or by retaining your existing clientele.

What are their advantages?

The advantages of the website are:

  1. Visibility, everyone can see you on the internet if they want to.
  2. Notoriety, become more popular by building your place on the web.
  3. Audience development, find your future customers.
  4. Increase potential customers, expose yourself to active and growing markets.
  5. Information, your addresses and schedules are accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  6. Credibility, both with partners and consumers.
  7. Communication at all times with its customers, being more accessible and providing them with a good experience will increase your sales quickly.

The advantages of the web application or software are:

  1. Accessible from anywhere at any time, even if your business is closed, it is not on the web.
  2. Better user experience, to increase sales and loyalty.
  3. Simplified updates, maintain your platform without worries.
  4. Security, let the professionals create a quality custom platform for you.
  5. Inexpensive, moreover it is quickly profitable thanks to the increase of your sales!

The advantages of an ecommerce website are :

  1. Be competitive, be more attractive than ever on the market.
  2. Sell more, you can't even imagine the number of customers waiting for you on the web.
  3. 24/7, sell even in your sleep! The Internet never stops.
  4. Store in peace, offer a better experience to your customers. They will give you back.
  5. More visibility, anyone can buy your products or services. No need to be local.

Some facts about their impact:

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The website

- The average small business revenue is $3.6 million, but the average small business with a website is $5.03 million. And it makes sense because you expose yourself to more customers, so you increase your sales!

- 64% of shoppers who have a bad experience when visiting the site will go shopping elsewhere next time. Obviously, if you don't do your site right you won't be able to take advantage of the benefits it has.

- The first impression a consumer has of a website is 94% related to its design. If you decide to create a site, do it right because it matters a lot. Your customers' experience depends on it.

- The credibility of a website is judged 75% by its overall design. Your site becomes your brand image, it is essential to care about your appearance on the internet.

- 85% of consumers abandon a site due to poor design. Beyond the appearance of your site is its quality. Consumers have high standards and don't like sites that are slow, buggy, don't load or don't work.

The web application or software

- The average smartphone owner uses more than 35 applications per month. If you have an app, your customers will use it regularly because they do everything from their phones or tablets. 

- 26% of consumers start their searches on branded apps. By having an app or software, you increase your chances of sales because customers will go to see your products before they even look at your competitors.

The online store

- The eCommerce industry is growing 23% year over year. Not only are people buying more and more on the internet, but there are also more and more to buy on the internet. It has become the norm for a brand to offer its customers the possibility to buy its products or services online.

- The first reason why people buy online is that they can do so at any time of the day. By making yourself available all the time you increase your chances of sales and your customer numbers. No need to keep the store open until noon, customers who can't get there in time will order online.

Oshara's advice:

Take the plunge! With the evolution of digitalization, you will not be able to reach your business goals without being available online. Just having an online presence with a website or an application will open the doors to a new market looking for your products or services.

Do not hesitate to contact Oshara, the web agency based in Montreal.

We also invite you to consult other articles on our site that will give you more details on each of the solutions we have just presented.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the choice between several solutions, the most common are websites, web applications or e-commerce sites. They all have their advantages, find out which one suits you best.

To find customers online or sell your products online you need to have a presence on the internet, it is important to know which web solution suits you best to make yourself available to internet users.

No! A web app is the mobile version of a website. A mobile app is downloaded on your smartphone unlike the web app.

Yes, BUT saying the opposite does not necessarily work, we differentiate the two because their options and purpose are different. The e-commerce site allows you to sell online, but not necessarily a website. A website is a broader term.

Marie-Mathilde Baraer

Marie-Mathilde is a marketing assistant at Oshara Inc. She likes to write about what she is learning in digital marketing, the industry and the different technologies.

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