How we changed the world.

by Sawab ALLALADE on 18/10/2018 |

Yes, we have changed the world and that is undeniable. We have done so because we are constantly seeking to improve and facilitate your lives. We are “Technology."

Thanks to technology, companies today are saving significant amounts of time and money.

Integrated into your marketing strategy, an app allows you to improve your company's productivity and performance.

By definition, an app is software developed for use online or on a stationary or mobile device (such as a mobile phone, smartphone, personal music player, touch pad, or some computers running the Windows Phone operating system).

There are different types of applications such as:

  • Web applications or web apps
  • Mobile applications/apps that can be:
  • Native ;
  • Hybrids;

In each case, the technologies and languages used are different and each type of application has its specificities, advantages and disadvantages.

The specificities of an application give it many advantages, including:

  • No downloads are required for web applications.
  • Their price remains very affordable.
  • Eliminates storage costs.
  • It is always up to date. (because updates are often automatic)
  • The execution is faster.
  • The functional possibilities are much more extensive.
  • Easy access to user data.
  • Applications have the ability to issue push notifications for more interaction with the user.
  • Increases your audience's engagement
  • The possibility of offline operation of some applications.
  • At OSHARA, we first take the time to listen to you and understand your objectives and challenges, then to offer you the technologies best suited to your needs. Once your application has been developed, we make sure it is visible and downloadable on Apple store and Google Play.

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