Install Facebook Tracking Pixel

How to install Facebook Tracking Pixel?

by Nikola Subotic on 9/08/2021

Updated at 4/02/2023

Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool which links Facebook profiles with websites tracking users visits and behaviour. By monitoring users visits and preferences Facebook can better target them with advertisements including them in one of their ad target groups, so when someone buys an ad targeting a particular audience Facebook instantly knows which people could use that product or service.

Facebook as a platform is especially useful for retargeting ads. Maybe you have heard this before, let me unpack it for you: when a user goes to a website to buy something but he/she doesn't end up buying, you can later retarget that user, that is run ads so he can see it and be reminded about the product. Over 70% of users convert after seeing the ad and buy the product. This makes retargeted ads very effective compared to regular ads which have 0.7% chance of converting people, almost a 1000 times more effective to be precise.

Pixel is also great for gathering information on your audience targeting since it collects a lot of information about your users and it compares it to their behaviour on Facebook platform. So if you have a website or an app having Facebook Pixel is a must in order to compete in the marketing world.

To connect your website to Facebook Pixel do the following.

  • Go to Facebook Business center

If you haven’t used Facebook advertising for some time you will see that now everything about content and ads related is put in Facebook Business center.

Go to your Facebook Page and go to the Business Center. Once here on the left menu go to Events Manager.

Connect data source

Here you will have to Connect Data Source, this means connecting Google Pixel to your website so it can track all the information.

  • Connect Data Source

Click on this and you will see the next screen.

Connect web data souce

Here you choose what you want to connect Pixel to. You can connect it to a Website, an app or even a CRM system. We will choose the Web.

Connect Facebook Pixel

Now you have to pick if you want to connect it to Conversions API and track just conversions or track a lot more information with Facebook Pixel, please select the second option.

Facebook Pixel

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You will have to enter your details now i.e. your project name and your website. Be sure your project name is something closely resembling your website so you don’t mix it if you enter other pixels later.

Facebook Pixel Code installation

Finally you come to the part where you choose whether you want to copy a code snippet or install it through a partner platform like Wordpress and others. In this example we will use the copy method because it is more widely used by users.

  • Copy Code Snippet

Copy Facebook Pixel code

Now copy the Facebook Pixel code snippet for your website. After you copy it here, go to your site and paste it in the tag.

Wordpress Config

If you are using Wordpress you can go to Settings - Header and Footer and past the code in the SECTION INJECTION. This way all the pages on your website will have it and will be tracked through Facebook Pixel.

  • Facebook Pixel ID

One last thing, many times you will need your Facebook Pixel ID. You can find it on the Events Manager page, all your pixels connections will be listed there. See the picture below.

Website overview


It is easy to install Facebook Pixel tracking on your website. With our guide it won’t take you more than 5 minutes. And it’s a very useful tool which will help you a lot with social media marketing. Trust me if you start using it for a while you will see an increase of your sales and revenue. 

If you have a problem connecting Facebook Pixel to your website don’t hesitate to contact us. We run the best web agency in Montreal.

Nikola Subotic

Nikola Subotic is Marketing Analyst at Oshara. He is always on the quest - building the Next Great Marketing Strategy and finding new ways to approach customers. He has an in-depth knowledge of Marketing and Economics and holds a Master in Business Law. He likes medieval manuscripts, big challenges and pulling pranks on others.

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