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How to do a detailed SEO Audit of your website? (Broken links, Redirects, Toxic Backlinks & more)

by Nikola Subotic on 12/08/2021

Updated at 9/02/2023

Why should you do a detailed SEO Audit of your website?

To keep your SEO up to date you have to make SEO Audits at least once a week. SEO Audit is auditing your website content and structure and comparing it to the best practices and to our main competitor’s results so you can gain better search engine position and increase visits and revenue on your website. You can audit your website on different tools but we recommend a mix of Google Search Console and SEMrush.

Audit helps you buy a chance to improve your SEO especially in these scenarios, when:

  1. When your site is sinking like a ship from google first page.
  2. When your competitors are neck to neck with you and you have few distinguishing selling points or none at all.
  3. To get more business or to spread awareness of your site

You might need a web marketing agency to rescue your site from sinking in the sea of “Unseen, un-clicked links”.

In case you are running everything by yourself then you might want to consult a good back-end developer for broken links and custom software solutions. Sometimes overlooking these matters is like letting a termite eat your chair. The developers look deeply into the mistakes made by your site and fix them. 

You can take help from SEO tool SEMrush to some extent. It helps you check these broken links but rest would be on your shoulders to solve the problems. A custom software solution from the professional developer is the help that nips in the bud, the loop of failing in website software problems.

Best of luck! It is important to constantly check site health and broken links, at least weekly.

Another great measure would be using Google search console and If you haven’t installed Google Search Console now, It is time to do it. Because everyone should use GSC heavily in the website SEO Audit. 

There is a free and a paid version of SEMrush, the popular all in one SEO tool suite and some of its features are free to some extent for checking sites. However, you need to purchase the access for more extended research because SEMRush limits to fewer results and the free features will not be enough for 360 degree site audit.

Check and Fix Broken links on Google Search Console

There are some familiar errors that pop up in case you have got a broken link.
404 error. One should check these error notifications in Google Search Console below the Coverage menu where all the broken links that site have. 

They are displayed as errors together with the type of issues you have on that web page. Usually it’s a broken link that has been changed over time and doesn't lead to the right internal article or external website

These 404 errors can be fixed with redirecting the link with a 301 code to the new link. If you need any marketing and backlinking help, you can delegate this task to the web marketing agency. These guys are professional and will help you out with their expertise. Better safe than sorry.

Scan for toxic incoming Back-link

 SEMrush is SEPO first aid tool to check back links and to get a detailed report on them.

SEMrush rates website back linking scores relative to the domains that are linked. 

In case you have linked your content to domains that are expired or are not famous, or have low Domain Authority then it shows them as toxic. Because that link would be responsible for your site linking sinking in a sea of unknown, un-clicked site links on the internet and literally it lowers your back linking overall score and your ranking. 

Back linking are the airbags of a site and they help the site to float on top of Google ranking. Good back links increase buoyancy and let the linked site swim to the top of search results on the top search engines. No matter how many ads are bombarding the search results, the organic top search result is considered the actual result.

Broken and compromising back links would not be redirecting users to useful links and in some cases they can land your website users on dangerous websites with compromised security certificates. Search engines monitor your back link structure and their bots will judge your website party on the basis of your usage of back linking and how you direct your users to outside websites? 

Moreover, such experiences of users might lose you, your website traffic. People don’t want to have such odd experiences while surfing on the internet.

Analyze internal links

One of the best SEO moves that you can do on your content is to include at least 3 internal links per article. Now bear in mind that these 3 links have to be relevant to the content they are linked to. Don’t put just random links because Google will soon notice that and it will degrade your search position because of it. 

Best way to put internal links is in a contextual link form or to have the link placed on an action word. Best strategy is the mix of two plus putting some old school links like click here, because users like versatility when they read articles.

Crawl Errors and URL Errors

Whenever you write a new article or update an existing one it's prudent to go to Google Search Console and update the Sitemap. By doing this you invite Google crawlers to come to your website and crawl it again. 

On the Sitemap tab you can also see the last successfully submitted sitemap and you can go inside and see how many pages have been crawled and if there have been some errors during crawling. Also on the Coverage menu you can see the crawling and URL errors, except the broken link 404 error other common problems are 4xxx and 5xxxx problems which can be fixed easily.

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Check for copied content

Copy cats alert! Make sure that you don’t have Duplicate Content on your website. If Google notices that you copy your content multiple times on different web pages it will surely lower your positioning score. Google doesn't want you to copy-paste text around your website and it will punish you if you do so. 

SEMrush is tracking this and reporting it as a Duplicate Content error, so if you find it somewhere be sure to rewrite part of your text or reformulate it in some fashion.

If you don’t have time for this, Try paraphrasing the articles while adding your content in the new material. Paraphrasing helps you improve your SEO and secure your ranking. Read more about top 5 paraphrasing tools.

Check for Duplicate Pages

Duplicate Pages is a similar SEO error like the previous Duplicate Content, just this time it’s about having the same identical web pages multiple times. Although this looks like a big thing to miss, it happens frequently. Many people try to update an article and you will make it as a new article but forget to delete the old one. Google sees that and thinks that you have copied it on purpose and that can cost you ranking points.

HTTP Errors

HTTP error is when your website starts with http instead of https. HTTPS is the new secure version of HTTP and it’s now required in order to be crawled by Google. Since 2019 Google has reduced the ranking of HTTP in order to encourage the owners to migrate their website to HTTPS.

If your website is on HTTP protocol then you have to migrate your whole website to HTTPS. The help of a web development agency mitigates the risk. But most likely your website is already HTTPS so you may have problems if you upload an image or other data that is stored on a https server. In that case just goes in the editor mode and change the images address to https instead of http and you have fixed the problem.


To keep a good SEO score it’s necessary to run SEO Audits on your website. They can tell you much about the content and structure on your website compared to good SEO practices. There are many ways to do an audit, but the most important tools we use are Google Search Console and SEMrush. 

Always try to be original and don’t copy published content.. Be careful when you update your articles to update the links too. Audit your website for dead links and try to fix them as soon as possible and also look out for links that go to websites with bad domain authority. 

If you want we can do a SEO Audit for you. Oshara, the Montreal web marketing agency is eager to help you on every step of your SEO journey in securing number 1 spot in search results.

Nikola Subotic

Nikola Subotic is Marketing Analyst at Oshara. He is always on the quest - building the Next Great Marketing Strategy and finding new ways to approach customers. He has an in-depth knowledge of Marketing and Economics and holds a Master in Business Law. He likes medieval manuscripts, big challenges and pulling pranks on others.

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